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How To Throw Darts

What are the Do s and Don ts of throwing darts? Do you just stand, aim and throw?
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What are the Do's and Don'ts of throwing darts? Do you just stand, aim and throw? Well there is actually a correct way to throw your darts at the dartboard, and you will find that your dart throw will improve as you spend more and more time perfecting it. It is not always helpful to read about it, if you are not going to go to a dart board and put these pointers to work by actually throwing the darts.

Here goes for a basic resume of dart throwing the correct way;

When you are standing at the Oche, most people prefer to stand so they are slightly sideways to the board, with their leading foot a little bit forward of the back foot, so that the toe is just touching the mark. Do not cross this, or you will have a foul throw.

You should position your dart so that it is at approximately the level of your eye, and when you begin to move the arm for your throw, you should keep the top part of your arm steady, as it is from the lower part of your arm that the throw is actually made.

Your shoulder should not move during the throw, so to make sure that your throw is good you must not move your body whilst you are throwing your dart.

One of the most important points is to make sure that you keep your wrist loose. A lot of experts claim that is is the wrist action that actually helps with the accelerationof the dart. For example if you do wrist snap, then the point of the dart will accelerate at a faster rate.

OK, then you have to look at the part of the board you are aiming for (when trying to score on a non-professional level, it can be best to aim for the treble 19's, so if you miss you are likely to score higher than aiming for the treble 20's, due to the neighbouring numbers), then with the target in constant view, swing your lower arm back to the point level with your eye, then you need to move your lower arm forwards. You release the dart when the dart is in the highest position. Remember to keep your arm steady during the throw. Do not twist your wrist as this will only ensure that the dart goes off your target!

Remember that the faster a dart is thrown, the harder it will hit the board and also the more accurate it should be. A dart that is thrown fast and sure is going to have a higher chance of hitting the number you are aiming for then a dart that is thrown slowly and hesitatingly.

If you find that standing slightly side ways to the board is just not working for you, then try standing square on. I have known a few darts players of quite a good level, who stand this way. It is all about adapting the method to suit you, once you are getting the number you are aiming for and have found the best position to stand in, then stick with it, even if it is typically text book.

It is a good idea to aim for each number on the board, and not move onto the next one until you have hit a number - Start with 1 and work through to 20, do this frequently and you will find that your aim gets better and better.

As you get more used to throwing your darts, you will find numbers that you are happier aiming for (and hitting!), keep these in mind for your doubles to win your games. So for instance if your favourite double is double 16 (32) then always try and throw your darts to leave yourself with this particular double.

The weight of the dart can also alter the way it throws, so again try several different weights until you find one you are happy with. Equally the length of the shaft is also important and you will find the weight best suited to you by trying lots before you finally decide on the correct one. Likewise the flights, try several until you find one you are happiest with.

Getting your own personal darts so that you have the best chance of scoring highly and winning games, is just down to trial and error and not forgetting to stand in front of that board and throw, throw and throw again until you are consistently hitting the right target.

Short note about the author

Mick Webster is a keen darts player, and writes frequently for www.sportsinformationsite.net. To read more articles on darts and other sports information, please visit http://www.sportsinformationsite.net.

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