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How To Write A Great Article

Content is king. If you've been online any length of time, you've seen the phrase, "content is king" everywhere. But understanding what content is, and how to continually add content to your site is a full time job for many businesses.
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Content is king. If you've been online any length of time, you've seen the phrase, "content is king" everywhere.

But understanding what content is, and how to continually add content to your site is a full time job for many businesses.

One of the best ways to grow the content of your site is by adding useful articles to your resources. Articles are typically rich content that pertains to one or two keywords. An article is typically between 250-750 words in length. And the best thing about an article is it can be promoted not just on your site, but can also be picked up by article directories, other websites, and ezine editors looking for quality information for their subscribers.

The hardest part of adding an article to your site is often times the writing. Where do you come up with your ideas for new articles? Here are five tips on how to find articles that will be informative for your target audience.

1. What is the top news feature in your industry?

If you follow trade journals, (and you should) you can always find one or two topics that everyone is writing about. Pick up on that thought, and write an article in your own words.

2. What questions do your clients and prospects ask you over and over again?

Common questions can make motivating articles because they answer a question everyone wants more information on.

3. How can you relate your industry to a seasonal event?

If you're a plumber, writing an article on preparing your pipes for the deep-freeze of winter can be much needed. Likewise, an article on planting shade-loving plants would be a perfect addition to a greenhouses website.

4. Follow your newspaper for current events.

Every day, around the world, there are events that you can use to base an article off of. Think back to the first 2 - months of 2006 - you could write articles based on the Olympics, Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, Presidents Day, winter, snow, hurricanes and tornados. A personal trainer could write an article about how it doesn't take an Olympian to stay fit. A health spa could write an article on preparing for the spring thaw, and looking your best in your new spring wardrobe. And so on.

5. Still can't think of anything?

Hire someone else to write articles for you. A copywriter can write several articles for you in a short period of time. If you have a dozen or so written, you can have a several months supply of high quality content, ready to share on your site, and with others throughout the Internet.

You have valuable information. Find a way to share what you know with your customers and prospects. You'll show your expertise; they'll reward you by becoming your customers.

Copyright 2006 Vision Business Concepts Inc


Short note about the author

Lori Osterberg helps business owners build an online marketing strategy. http://www.VisionOfSuccess.com

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