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Six Top Tips - You Could be Proofreading From Home Real Soon

Here are some good, solid tips about the proofreading industry, and how to break in.
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Perhaps you are working for a proof reading company and you are looking for to get into freelance work. Or, maybe you are looking to start a career proofreading from home. In any case, you want to learn how to find proofreading jobs, right? The career is out there, but how do you break in? Many people try unsuccessfully to do this for a long time. Here are some good, solid tips about the proofreading industry, and how to break in.

Tip 1. Educate yourself by taking a few proof reading courses. This can include those that are provided from home as well. You?ll find options all over the internet in this area.

Tip 2. Use your skills to create sample work. Get a project to do for free. This can be a great way to break in. Use it to build your portfolio.

Tip 3. Learn to be a good salesperson. Not only will you need to create work that will impress your clients, but you will have to sell yourself to them in the first place. Learn what it is that they are looking for. This could be quality work, good prices, guaranteed work.

Tip 4. Don't pass up the small opportunities. It is simply essential that you take what you can get. You can build your freelance career this way because you are building on this one-to-one relationship. In other words, if you work well with this client, you can use the work you provided for him as samples. You can use the experience as a stepping stone for referrals as well.

Tip 5. Stay up to date on the new trends that are pushing the internet. When you understand the lingo and the language, you can communicate effectively with your clientele.

Tip 6. Ensure that you are able to provide a good place in your house to work well. Proofreading requires time and dedicated work.

Proofreading from home is a great way to begin a business of your own. Freelance work in proof reading is not easy though and employment can be hard to come by. Take advantage of the vacancies you find and use them to become the best proof reader you can. When you find a way into proofreading from home, grab it and make it worthwhile.


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Niall Cinneide, from http://www.FreelanceWritingResource.com

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  ADOLF,  07/03/2017

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