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Why You Should Talk to Fat and Ugly Girls

By talking to as many people as possible you can sort of "neg" the girls you finally legitimately approach. If you only go up to hot girls in a bar, the girls around you notice that you're gaming.
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One thing I've been noticing from going out lately is that the hottest girls I end up making out with or number closing usually aren't in the set when I open..

What happens is I go up to some girls who are maybe 5's to 6's, and chat with them, get them giggling, etc. From there, a hot girl, maybe an 8-9 walks up and introduces herself to me. Believe it or not, a lot of hot girls roll with less attractive girls. From there on you already have the group's comfort and appreciation so it is easy to isolate the hot girl from there.

Just two weeks I had rolled up to a couple less than attractive girls and said "You seem fun, I just had to say hi." We were chatting back and forth, when a hot 8.9 came up. I started doing some dance spins with her around, and within a minute said "Your legs are tired, my legs are tired; Let's go sit at that booth." I took her by the hand and led her to a booth away from the others and we started cuddling. Within minutes, we were making out and I got her number. She's still calling me back and we're setting up a meet soon.

Now could this have worked had I waited until the 8.9 was already in the set? Of course. But I've found it to be far easier to attract a girl if you hit the set before she arrives. You've already won over her friends at this point. Even if you haven't won over her friends it can still work well if you're already in the set. Some months back, I went up to two girls who weren't that interested, and a third girl came up who was interested. She stayed behind when her friends left and we ended up making out at the bar.

On a more general note, you should be playfully bantering with all types of women, and guys as well. Throughout your day, you should be bringing joyful interactions to as many people as possible. The fat ghetto girl serving you at Burger King? Make her smile. You don't have to outright flirt of course, but just a little playful misinterpretation can help the day.

Also by talking to as many people as possible you can sort of "neg" the girls you finally legitimately approach. If you only go up to hot girls in a bar, the girls around you notice that you're gaming. However if you're talking to one legged girls and random guys all around the bar, when you're finally going up to the hot girls, they assume you're just being social and that It's not a full blown approach.


Short note about the author

Dan Tolumbro is a dating advice coach for men at: http://www.pickupmastery.com.

At his site he provides free information on how to meet women in bars without fear and how to take it to the next level. To receive updates on new dating tactics, amd a free 46 page ebook, send an email to [email protected].

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