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Seven Ways to Make Your Woman Look and Feel Good

Every woman loves to be pampered. If you want to earn a woman's affection, the best way to do it is to make her feel sexy, relaxed, and loved. Here are seven sure-fire things you can do for your woman that are guaranteed to get you results.
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Every woman loves to be pampered. And most of all, we love it when our men are the ones doing the pampering! If you want to earn a woman's affection, the best way to do it is to make her feel sexy, relaxed, and loved. Here are seven sure-fire things you can do for your woman that are guaranteed to get you results.

How about a day at the spa?

Nothing gets a woman feeling relaxed and pampered like a day full of deep-tissue massages, mud baths, and facials. A spa visit is a luxury every woman can enjoy, and you'll be a prince in her eyes if you surprise her with one - especially during a particularly stressful time, like the holidays or during an anniversary. Believe me, she'll be so relaxed and stress-free after you treat her to a spa day, she's sure to want to make you feel as good as she does.

What about a Shopping Spree?

Most women love to shop. Especially if your wife or girlfriend doesn't indulge herself often, a shopping spree will be a much-appreciated treat. But don't just write your girl a blank check and send her on her way. Go with her and take an interest in what she buys. Lead her into stores she loves, but ordinarily wouldn't buy a lot of items in - maybe because they're a bit too expensive. Pick clothes out that you think would look good on her, and compliment her on the features they highlight. Buy her a few things that are completely impractical - like a skimpy negligee instead of a new sports bra, a pair of strappy sandals instead of practical shoes, or a beautiful cocktail dress, even if she doesn't have any fancy events coming up. You'll make her feel like a princess for a day - and she's sure to appreciate it.

Give her a sensual dining experience.

Any guy will take a gal out to dinner once in a while. But an extraordinary guy knows the intimate link between sex and food - and how to exploit it. Don't just take her out to a fancy place - take her somewhere that glorifies the sensual side of food. A great place to do this is a fondue restaurant. Fondue is a melted cheese sauce in which you dip bread, meats, and vegetables. There are also delicious dessert fondues, in which you dip fruits and candies into a warm melted chocolate sauce. Dipping anything is a sensual experience - so enjoy it! Flirt with her and feed her bits of food, and encourage her to do the same. Take your time over the meal, and you're sure to get her in a romantic mood.

Get her motor running

Ever think naughty? Share your intimate fantasies with your woman and encourage her to share hers. If you've never done this before, start with your most tame fantasies, and let her know that sharing hers with you is safe and she won't be judged. Take her into a store that sells sex toys and lingerie. Let her lead - buy her anything she takes an interest in. Listen to what she likes - this will send her the message that you care about her sexual needs and want to know more about her naughty side. After you've bought a bagful of new toys, take them home and try them out on each other!

Whisk her away

Every woman wants to be swept off her feet. Plan a surprise weekend getaway in a romantic bed-and-breakfast. Surprise her Saturday morning by waking her with breakfast in bed and a packed suitcase - let her go through it to make sure you didn't forget anything important. Then get her in the car and don't tell her where you're going - let it be a complete surprise. Make sure you pick a place that matches her interests and personality - if she's a five-star-hotel kind of girl, don't plan a surprise backpacking trip, for example.

Think small

It's true that women remember the small things we do as much as the big things. Try to do one small thing every day that adds fuel to her fire. Buy her perfumed bubble bath and leave it in the tub with a note. Surprise her with her favorite candy for no good reason. Those little things you do don't have to be expensive, either - they just have to let her know you're thinking of her. Instead of pecking her on the cheek to say goodbye every morning, give her a passionate kiss. Send her a love-note e-card from work, leave a flower on her pillow for her to find, prepare a quick meal and serve it by candlelight, or wear a nice outfit for her "just because." The little things you do will stay in her memory for a long time to come.

Give her a personal coupon book

Nothing says "I love you" like a coupon book of little favors. Give her coupons for a night at the movies, a sensual massage, or a homemade - use your imagination, and don't be afraid to get sexy! She'll love this inexpensive gift idea.

Making your woman look and feel good doesn't have to be hard. Some of these tips are more work intensive than others - so pick the ones that work for you. No matter which one you use, the woman in your life is sure to be thrilled.

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Janette Vince is managing director of http://ww.thanksdarling.com an online company offering a range of experience days for individuals and couples.

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