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How To Organise A Great Stag Night For Your Best Mate

For one reason or another, your best mate has got down on one knee and said he?ll do the honourable thing. No not to you, to his girlfriend! Their families are filled with joy a...
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For one reason or another, your best mate has got down on one knee and said he?ll do the honourable thing. No not to you, to his girlfriend! Their families are filled with joy and excitement as wedding plans are made and then one night he turns round to you and says mate ?Will you sort out my Stag do??

Honoured and flattered you quickly say ?yes?, but then it dawns on you that you may have actually taken on a bit more responsibility than you originally thought.

The wedding reception may still be great for chatting up bridesmaids and if you have to make a speech ? well it?ll be kept short, a bit like doing a team meeting at work - rehearse, couple of stiff drinks and it?ll be fine. But what about the Stag night?

These days organising a stag night requires more imagination than a night down the local. Whilst a few pints in the pub seems to be ok in an East End soap opera, trying to convince anyone you know that?s going to be enough is a different matter.

Stag nights need to be exciting and a bit different. Stag nights need to be something to remember for forever. But where does one begin?

To help organise the right kind of event get together with a few other friends who will be attending and grab a pen and paper. If its going to be a surprise you can?t ask the groom, so you?re going to need to work out the kind of things he likes as its his day - but do remember to get his measurements for that Lycra Superman outfit your going to make him wear.

You will then need to place some parameters around the event you are organising. Some people decide to book long and expensive Stag Holidays that seem to go on forever but this can put a lot of pressure on the guys attending in terms of getting time off work and then not being able to go away with their family or partner. Or it can place undue financial pressure on people in the form of expensive flights, hotel bills and lost earnings. So a Caribbean Cruises and 2 weeks in Vegas is probably not such a great idea for most people. You want to be inclusive and practical so everyone can have fun ? they?ll thank you for it.

If you still need some pointers for the event then you may want to break it down into a day event and an evening event so it spreads the fun and puts less pressure on any one activity.

Daytime activities

Some fun things you may want to consider for day-time activities will depend on the type of party you will have, but here are some ideas you may want to consider.

Paintball where you can pretend to want to kill each other, but use balls of paint instead of bullets. You get to dress up in army style fatigue and play war games. Always a winner!

4x4 Off Road Driving ? Get to do to someone else?s 4 wheel drive what you?d really like to do to yours but don?t, because your always thinking about resale value. Drive land rovers off road with an experienced instructor and push them to the max.

White water rafting ? Get soaking wet with your mates while riding the rapids onboard a white water raft. This will get the adrenaline going and its group activity so everyone can join in ? plus it?s a bit different.

Sky Diving - Get the groom 10,000 feet in the air and then watch him screaming as he freefalls at speeds of over 100mph. Don?t worry he won?t die. He?ll be attached to an experienced sky diver who will bring him back to solid ground. A great way to spend a day and anyone else who wants to join in can book to jump too.

For a more relaxed afternoon you could learn to play golf like a pro. Ok, after one day you probably won?t be entering the British Open but you can be sure to have upped your game. There are lots of good golf clubs offering programmes for small parties that include a lesson, light lunch and a game all as one deal.

Evening Entertainment

With the daytime activity taken care of, next comes the evening entertainment.

For a Stag Night, the evening entertainment usually wants to be lively as it?s a chance to let rip. So here?s some ideas for fun stag nights you can all remember ? as long as you don?t drink so much you lose your memory!

Go and have a right laugh at a comedy club. Some of the clubs offer packages where you can get VIP entrance, a meal, 3 comedians and a club afterwards. This means your stag party can drink, laugh and have fun on the dance floor and do it all under one roof.

If fine dining is your groom?s thing then some restaurants offer theme nights where the stag party get to eat at the posh restaurant and then get VIP entrance to a top night club. This means you get to eat like stars and then get to jump the nightclub queue as well. Cool huh?

How about a disco on the Thames? Ride along the Thames and dance the night away on a Disco Cruise. This is typically a buffet style dinner as you sail down the Thames, then the music cranks up and you can have your own DJ spinning the tunes as you party on the water.

If you fancy something with a Latin Flavour, how about a Latin night? Get a dance lesson followed by an evening of food, drinks and more Latin dancing to the latest Salsa grooves. Impress the senoritas with your Ricky Martin snake hips and cool Salsa moves.

Finally if you fancy something really exotic then you may want to put a smile on your single friends faces and looks of worry on the faces of the wives of your married mates then how about a stag night at a premier table dancing venue? If sophisticated elegant ladies willing to dance naked for you at your table is your thing, then table dancing clubs are the place to be ? but remember no touching!

Ok with these ideas you should be well set to plan a fun packed Stag night or even a stag weekend. Just remember to have fun!

Short note about the author

Janette Vince is the managing director of http://www.thanksdarling.com Thanks Darling provides a wide range of stag and hen night experiences to suit all occasions. For a range of stag experiences visit http://www.thanksdarling.com/45-5.htm

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