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Getting a Girl's Phone Number

When you really understand how to be a natural man with women in the true universal sense, they will be so attracted to you anyways that everything will become easy.
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When you really understand how to be a natural man with women in the true universal sense, they will be so attracted to you anyways that everything will become easy.

It does not take an intensive study of seduction, pick up art, or memorizing are trying dozens of different techniques are lines. You can really say just about anything and you'll be more likely to have success because you're coming from the proper meta frame and she will respect you.

I try to teach my students just to step back from and look at things from a different perspective instead of being so focused on the pickup lines. She really does have to take a breath of fresh air and see the things that really matter. This really is like Mr. Miyagi teaching Daniel-San in the Karate Kid. But anyways here is just some advice on how to easily get a woman's phone number.

When you are just being a man who lives in his own reality as I teach, you really do not put too much importance on any outcome. You're not afraid to approach any woman even celebrities or actresses when you become congruent with what I teach.

Getting a girl's number is like second nature because you are finally getting in touch with your alpha male pattern behavior which was always there, just clouded over by the thing I called the 'forced reality'. It is not a good idea to say, "Can I have your number?" because you're probably getting across as insecure. How you say something is pretty much everything... way more important than the words.

I want you to think about everything you are saying and have said in the past and ask what frame were you coming from. Were you giving her the power, or did you have natural authority and control over the situation?

How you say something and not just in the superficial sense, but really where you are coming from when you say something is what matters. Women can tell and pick up if you are a smitten regular Joe who is just going to keep calling them over and over again. They want a man who has natural authority, who understands how to play the natural role of attraction.

When you ask a woman, "Can I get your number?" or "Can I take you out sometime?" you are setting up a losing relationship proposition for her. This is a pattern she has seen before with numerous guys who she knows are just going to end up pandering to her and letting her control the direction of the relationship. It's probably going to be the (yawn) courtship approach of 'wooing her'.

She does not want to have the natural authority in the relationship because underneath it all she knows that a man really is supposed to lead the direction of the relationship despite what the feminists may say. This is a great problem in our society, in that the men are not stepping up to the plate and just being naturals. Elsewhere I explain specifically where this comes from.

What works best for me is that I'm just casual or I'll say some kind of comment. If I'm in a social situations such as a party I have found that I would say things like, "Hey let's get together and do something sometime". That is a natural transition into getting her number when done in the right context. Just be purely normal and unphased; there doesn't have to be a mental buildup of 'anything' in your mind. You're normal around yourself, friends and family, so why not women?

It is going to be a challenge for anyone just to get numbers off of the street unless you really do focus on techniques. But where you're coming from anyways is a guy that seems a little more desperate when you have to try and get numbers of women just walking down the street. This does seem a little creepy to them and they may not call you back. It is best to be in social or natural environments where you can interact with them without any sort of creepy context.

Although you may want to get the numbers of each and every hot women walking down the street, you have to remember that beautiful women are everywhere (at least if you are in a big city) and that you are going to have to just be a little more indifferent when it comes to walking down the street. Enjoy the eyecandy and then take advantage of opportunities where it is normally acceptable to talk to people (ie. coffee shop, store in mall, cocktail bar, etc.).

When you can just be casual and natural about the whole thing and not be thrown off by her beauty, she will not feel the pressure that you will keep draining the life out of her or following around at her heels. She's going to be a lot more likely to give a man who secure her phone number because she is more certain that you will not keep calling her all the time. All the 'pick up artists' are trying to fight away around just being a pure natural; it's so much work to be a 'seducer'.

So if you just start a natural conversation with a woman and just speak to her like a normal human being (remember you just have to come from a really strong frame and paradigm that actually cancels out her perception of hers to get through to the 'normal' part of her), then she will be more open to finding out more about you as the more natural process will commence. It's up to you not to set a 'friendship' frame which I teach elsewhere, rather to by a little mysterious, cool, funny, with a sexual edge.

This is how all women want to meet men. They do not want pickup artists hitting on them, although they will often go with these men if they get their techniques just right, or those who do not put up with their crap; just because they finally found 'someone' close enough to the 'real thing'.

The art of just being normal around women is almost gone in our society (esp. when it comes to approaching women). You will find that I will not even have to tell you how to talk to beautiful women or ask them for their phone number when you are just a natural, conversational and interesting man. Everything will commence naturally. I have found this to be true dozens of times in my history.

So if you do start a normal conversation with a woman and she realizes you are not giving in to her and are not fazed by her beauty, she will much more easily drop her barrier of social persona because she does not have to keep her guards out because she finally met a normal guy.

She will still keep her guard up for all of the seducers and pickup artists because she knows that they are playing a game (in which they better be good at if they want a chance with her). Your ability just to be normal will open all the doors you can imagine.

Of course it helps if you are an interesting guy to begin with, and have a little bit of social status yourself. I have generally observed in fact the homelier you are, the more 'hardass' you have to be around these women as far as counteracting anything they might say to you. But even less than average men now stand a great chance, esp. if they can live in a strong, natural reality and spice it up with some other techniques on top of that.

Even if you are one of these average-or-so men, if you can just be normal in the sense that you do not let her control the relationship with her drama, then maybe you will just have to spice things up a little bit by teasing her every now and then. Teasing in a playful, flirty sense is something that I have always done naturally with women and it has always worked.

I'm going to be developing a complementary line of products under the name 'model magnet' that is fully going to exploit a man's potential for rapid attraction with being more of a clever, witty, personality and techniques. A sense of humor helps as well. Women love a funny guy; but too funny equals a 'showman' who will have little chance of a physical relationship. You must be balanced.

But yes to understand that you are coming from your own frame, and that if she gives you her number there's not going to be any Mikey'ness' of calling her immediately after you leave a dozen times (as in Swingers). So if you do not think that I gave you an answer that maybe that is the whole point.

Just think of how you are around other guys and if you meet a cool guy or whatever and you wanna hang out with them in the future as friends or acquaintances, it is very easy to get a phone number. Once you can cut through all of the 'forced reality' that has been throwing you off getting real phone numbers from women will be very easy.

Okay I will try to get a little more technique based for a minute here. When you are just talking to her naturally, tease her little bit, talk about interesting or intriguing things; and I would recommend just walking away from her (not in every case) but to prove that you have your own independence.

If she gets on the phone or starts talking to someone else just walk away; remember that you are living in your own reality and you are seeing if other women may be interesting enough to be invited in for more of a stay. Come back to her after a little while and treat her like a buddy, teas her like a kid sister, but do not overdo it; different women have different tolerance levels (ie. she could be really intimidated by you).

You can really say just about anything and she can be very interested in you when you fully get it. Before you take off, you have found that you have naturally had a conversation with a potentially interesting woman, then just tell her, "Hey, give me your e-mail." Or just, "Give me your phone number". Do not tell her anything else, do not tell her that you will call her and DO NOT high five your buddies on the other side of the room or do a Stifler impersonation on the lacrosse field. You really have to be 'cool' and when you get it, you accept you always get beautiful women and it's a normal part of your life.

She must have the feeling of potentially having a relationship with you where she can just be herself, let her guard down and exercise her desires for fun, freedom and even sex, without you putting a lot of pressure or expectations upon her like 99 of the other guys (even rich, good looking ones).

If you can just be cool, learn to become a more socially 'with it' guy, and lead a life of your own without giving in to her reality, you will find that getting phone numbers from women is the easiest thing and you won't have time enough to develop something with all these women. It would really be easier if you were a social network hub yourself. Since I've been a nightclub promoter and photographer, it is so easy for me on this angle to get their numbers or email addresses; then you can follow up with them later to let them know 'what's up' or where a cool afterparty is. More on all this stuff in the future.

I was recently at a conference where I saw the same woman as I did two years ago who was still single. Out of all of the other guys that were at the conference who kept hanging around her, I was amongst them for a little while and then just walked away will they all just stayed or 'static clinged' around her.

I know that she picked up this energy from this and that I was unlike the rest of the guys. I would naturally tease her about why she took all the food away before I could eat any of it and things like that. No one had to teach me this stuff, it's just 'natural'. At the end I was only one who got her phone number. I asked her "Where are you at?"

And she said Miami I said "okay I'm going down there for another conference, give me your phone number". So she did. If you can just easily set yourself apart from all of the other guys, you have a distinct advantage because they are acting unnatural and you are not.

If at any point when you're talking with the woman who you think might be interesting, before you leave just go ahead and get her e-mail address or phone number and then you can contact her at some other time. Remember you must operate out of your reality with natural authority and control, anything else is not in biological order and women ultimately resent it.

If at any point you feel the conversation is slipping away or you are staying too long around her, either just walk away or just start to walk away and then turn around and tell her to give you her phone number.


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Rion Williams, from http://www.mensguidetowomen.com

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