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How Does Religion Affect America's Economy and Politics

Introduction Religion is a persons believe or faith, regarding to the existence and divinity of God or gods. There are several different religions practiced in the Unites States...
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Religion is a persons believe or faith, regarding to the existence and divinity of God or gods. There are several different religions practiced in the Unites States of which the majority consists of Christians, with a minority of Jews, Buddhists, Atheists and Muslims.

How is Politics Affected

According to the first amendments of the U.S constitution, the establishment of religion by the government is restricted and it also constitutes religious freedom for practices and rituals. The reason for that is basically the issue of human rights, and the freedom and democracy that America is proud of.

The question is that how does religion which is completely separate from the government and politics affect the way of politics as well as the economy?

In America the people are the ones that supposedly control the fate of the country, and they are the ones that elect the government and it has been seen for the past two elections that the Republicans who support the interests of the religious individuals and cater to the needs of the people who think that practices such as gay marriage and abortion should be abolished. It has been argued that these are the factors that are the reasons for election and re-election of the republican candidates. The first and most crucial political effect that can be said to be related to religion is the selection of the government that runs America.

Effects on Economy

Secondly religious issues such as the abolition of abortion and the local laws such as the prohibition of selling alcoholic beverages on Sundays which are "religious" days effects the economy on the micro level by decreasing the amount of business that people make, definitely the sales of a bar will be decreased if it is prohibited to sell its products on one day out of seven.

On the other hand religious issues can be a cause of protest which might cost the government especially if the time of the government officials is taken as a valued entity, as at least for the time being the attention of the officials will be diverted to solving that issue. Also religious factors and issues might need amendments to the constitution, which might affect the economy of the country on the Marco level.

This might also be viewed in a positive ways as some issues might contribute to the economy.


Every body has some beliefs and all follow a certain religion, if Atheism is also considered a religion, people make the country and thus the behavior of people need to be catered at least in a democratic country such as America. This could be used as positive which might be called "politics", but this does not mean religious issues cannot damage the country as a whole. In conclusion religion and politics cannot be separated.

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