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Leadership Lessons From Daniel

In studying the book of Daniel there are some very pertinent leadership principles we all can learn. The principles discussed here come from the book of Daniel Chapter 1. In thi...
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In studying the book of Daniel there are some very pertinent leadership principles we all can learn.

The principles discussed here come from the book of Daniel Chapter 1.

In this story we find that Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah where chosen based on high standards that had the potential for "leadership positions". They were removed from their homes and homeland and then placed in a situation that was designed to "change" or "morph" their way of thinking, believing and living.

This reminds me in our modern times of when an individual enters a new company and how they want you to adapt to their "corporate culture" and all that they believe.

In the face of massive changes it tells us that Daniel (and the others) where determined to maintain their principles especially in something as basic as food choices. I also believe that they where determined not to believe or practice the lore of magic and fortunetelling that they were to be indoctrinated into.

Daniel was so confident in God that he asked for a ten day trial and results examination before a final choice was made as to their diet.

There are many places in our modern culture that we are "sleepily" indoctrinated into changing our principles, beliefs and actions which are contrary to God's will. This is the age old "come on everyone else is doing it". My personal belief is that if everyone else is doing it then it probably is needs greater scrutiny before we do it.

These men were all gifted by God and Daniel was blessed with even more gifts. Why did God gift these men? So that they would be chosen and placed into a position that would serve God and His plans in the future.

Today God through His Holy Spirit gifts each of us supernaturally so that we are equipped to carry out His plan for us in our lives and leadership.

So here are a few things to meditate on this week;

1) When you are promoted or hired for a position or are in an organization that wants to "morph" your way of thinking, believing and leadership do you choose to change to their principles or do you choose to follow God's principles regardless of the cost?

2) Is there an opportunity that you can think of that would allow you to challenge your boss to try it another way (God's way of course) and then review the results together?

3) Do you know what your God given gifts are?

4) Do you know how your spiritual gifts work in conjunction with your personality?

5) How are you positioning yourself to be ready and equipped to use your gifts and wisdom to fulfill God's plan for your life and leadership?

6) What one thing can you do this week to change one of these things in your life?

Define your principles and lead with them.

Short note about the author

Cameron Harris, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
[email protected]

Cameron Harris is part of Harris & Associates which is devoted to helping organizations succeed. Leadership is a key factor to success and Harris & Associates provides the latest resources for individuals and organizations.

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