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The Closely-Held SECRETS of Blogging Gurus Who Earn Five-Figure Monthly

It has never failed to amaze me that the big gurus continue to flash their Adsense and Affiliate income checks in our faces, yet never really reveal exactly what and how they ea...
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It has never failed to amaze me that the big gurus continue to flash their Adsense and Affiliate income checks in our faces, yet never really reveal exactly what and how they earn these fat checks... even in their highly priced information products and courses.

They mostly always just scratch the surface; enough to wet our appetites but hardly enough to get us earning as much as they do.

What are those secrets they are holding close to their hearts, I wondered. Now I know.

I started blogging mainly because of the big promises of money to be made therein, especially the fact that Search Engines love blogs because of the fresh content and reader friendliness of blogs.

But after setting up a few blogs and practically killing myself with work to get them to earn me the fat checks the gurus told me about, I still wasn't getting the fat checks.

I read and read many of the blogging materials out there but still couldn't get my few blogs to earn the five figure monthly income that the big guru bloggers were earning.

Of course my blogs were about profitable topics that got high Adsense clicks and high paying affiliate payouts...

Of course I took my time to perform keyword research on the topics of the blogs to get words that people were searching for...

Of course I got great content for the blogs that were well written and keyword rich to interest my readers...

Of course I got links from other sites to the blogs and even got all the pages indexed so they ranked well for some of the key phrases...

Of course I did all that was necessary to succeed with these few blogs I had...

But there was something I didn't do that the big gurus DO.

That was the reason why I was not earning as much from my blogs as the big guru bloggers out there.

I am sure YOU too are guilty of this.

Can't wait to hear it?

Here it goes --

I had only a few blogs while the gurus that earn five figure income monthly from their blogs have hundreds and even thousands of blogs.

BINGO... that's the secret they are closely hiding from you.

While we are spinning our wheels with one or a few blogs and earning just a few dollars here and there, the big gurus spin out hundreds and thousands of blogs using software (yes, whitehat software exists for legitimate blogging) to ease the blog creation process and the posting process.

If this doesn't make sense to you, spare some minutes and think of it this way...

If one blog DOES make you a few dollars daily, won't hundreds of blogs make you hundreds of dollars daily AND won't thousands of blogs make you thousands of dollars daily?

This is really so simple. But I guess it's too simply that most folks won't get it - even after reading this.

Of course there are lots of work involved in creating and managing dozens of blogs, let alone hundreds or even thousands.

But there are now specially designed software (not blackhat software) that can help you achieve in mere minutes what would have taken you hours or even days to achieve.

So, if you want to earn like the big guru bloggers out there, start thinking of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of blogs.

And when you do your due diligence you will find great whitehat software out there to ease the process of creating and managing your multiple blogs for you painlessly and effortlessly.

Remember this, earning a five-figure monthly income mainly from blogging isn't impossible. It is done by the gurus and even by ordinary bloggers who know this secret and apply it. Ah, yes-- that last word is critical to your success -- APPLICATION.

It isn't enough to know what to do and have the right software to help out, you have to actually APPLY that knowledge to start earning fat checks from Adsense and Affiliate programs.

Finally, this article won't be complete without showing you REAL evidence of at least one "ordinary-folk-turned-guru" who is REALLY earning five-figure+ monthly income from blogging.

Ever heard of Jason Calacanis? This "ordinary-folk-turned-guru" with his conglomeration of 85 blogs pulled in up to 1,000,000 (yes, one million US dollars) yearly until he sold them to AOL for a reported staggering 25 million.

With that said... what are you waiting for before you start creating and managing your dozens and even hundreds of blogs?

Short note about the author

King J. For is a webpublisher, infopreneur and blogopreneur who knows the importance of using great whitehat software to do in minutes what others do in hours and even days.

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