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How to use URL Redirection to Make Money

I have found a way to use URL redirection to make very easy money. This technique is perfect for those that want to make an extra buck or for those that want to multiply this sy...
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I have found a way to use URL redirection to make very easy money. This technique is perfect for those that want to make an extra buck or for those that want to multiply this system and make some serious cash. First, you need to sign up for a few affiliate programs (I recommend http://ClickBank.com and http://CJ.com). These companies will give you a commission for every sale made through your link.

Find a few products that look appealing and get your affiliate link for them. If you are having problems finding your affiliate link, then contact your affiliate manager. Now you need to create a list of keywords for each product. Use SeoBook(http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword/) to find some keywords and how many times each one has been searched. I recommend finding about 4-5 keywords and focusing on only them.

Now you will need to create redirections for each of your affiliate links. I use http://7P6.net because they allow me to edit the title/description/keywords and track where my visitors are coming from. Plus, their ads are very minimal and they have a Links Bar that becomes a very important tool when using this tactic (more on that later). Be sure to include some of your keywords in the url, and use slashes to space out the keywords. Example: www.some-keywords-here.xxxx.net.

You will be using this url to earn commissions from your list of products, and the majority of your visitors will come from search engines. So, the search engines will need something to read, right? Therefore, you will need to edit your url Title, Keywords, and Description. Obviously, you can't do this with your regular affiliate links. But you can do this with a good url redirection service like 7P6.net. So get on there and include your 4-5 keywords on the Meta Tag forms in your account.

So, once you have your link created, submit it to MSN, Yahoo, and Google. Here are the direct submission links:


Don't worry about any other search engines! Focusing on these will provide you with the most hits. The other search engines will eventually pick up your page anyway.

The last part of this process is to get incoming links to your site (ie: you need other sites linking to your url). The easiest way to build your links is to get on as many forums that allow advertising and post your url on their site. Make sure that you use your keywords in the link. This will directly improve your search engine rankings. And don't forget to use different keywords for each of your postings! Post as much as you can before moving on to the next product. The more posts, the better your search engine ranking. Also, using the link in your signature can help.

Another way to build links is to find link partners (ie: people that will exchange links with you). But it has been impossible to do this with a traditional url redirection website - until now. The redirection service that I use - 7P6.net - allows me to add other peoples links directly to my url via a Links Bar. It helps me build my search engine rankings when I'm starting a new url. And, if I get a decent search engine ranking, it allows me to sell a few extra links on a 'per month' or 'per year' basis via Paypal. This is just a bonus and it is not required to make money with this tactic.

There are a few things to keep in mind when exchanging links. You will find that most of the people you ask will reject you or not even respond. This is all part of link building and it works this way even if you have your own domain name. Be persistent and polite and you will get some link partners. And if you can't get any link partners for a few of your urls, it is likely that you will still rank in the search engines just by posting on forums.

There are two things that make this tactic so effective:

1. You are showing them the home page instead of a sales pitch website or blog.
2. People that view your site will bookmark your redirection page instead of the company page. So when they re-visit, you will still get your commission!
3. It doesn't take much time to create a url. Then you can easily create more and more to recieve a regular flow of commissions.

Here is a real life example:

Lets say I want to promote ink cartriges. The first step would be to create 'cheap-ink-cartriges.7p6.net'. Notice the use of keywords in the title and the slashes used to space out the keywords. Next, submit your link to MSN, Yahoo, and Google.

Then I would make a list of 4 specific ink cartrige keywords: 'buy ink', 'buy ink cartriges', 'cheap ink cartriges', 'cheap printer ink'.

Here is what I would fill out on the Meta Tag forms (notice the use of keywords):

Title: Buy Cheap Ink Cartriges For Your Printer
Keywords: buy ink, buy ink cartriges, cheap ink cartriges, cheap printer ink
Description: The best website to buy cheap printer ink cartriges.

Next I would add my link on forums that allow me to advertise. Remember, the more posts, the better your search engine ranking.

Here is an example posting:

Here is the best website to URL=http://cheap-ink-cartriges.7p6.net buy cheap ink cartriges /URL .

One thing to keep in mind is that it is 10X easier to get hits from MSN and Yahoo than to worry about Google! Also, Be Patient! It takes time to get listed and while you are waiting, you need to be creating more pages. More pages = more money. You may not make millions doing this, but this is some easy automated money and you can work as little or as much as you want.

TIP: Create multiple urls to promote a single product. This way you can focus on more keywords and get more hits to your affiliate link!

You can also make money by creating a website on a free host and promote multiple products in a single category. It is still recommended that you create a different redirected url for each page on your site to receive the most search engine traffic. You could also monetize your url with Google Adsense and Adbrite by using a free host and a redirected url for each page.

I hope you decide to use url redirection to make some cash. This is one of the only 100 free ways to make money online. Good luck.

Short note about the author

This article was written by online entreprenuer Craig Johnson.

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