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Why I Allow People To Advertise on My Blog

Today blogging is undoubtedly the last in fashion as far as the Internet is concerned. You would not believe how many blogs have been created. By blogging you can get in touch w...
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Today blogging is undoubtedly the last in fashion as far as the Internet is concerned. You would not believe how many blogs have been created. By blogging you can get in touch with people who share the same interests as you. This new world serves as a networking tool as well. I found this out when the idea of advertising on my blog first came to light.

I use my blog to post freelance writing jobs for other writers. With the help of my site, employers advertise indirectly. Probably there is no need to say that many visitors to my site appreciate this as they are often searching for work. Many writers come to my blog to see what I advertise as opposed to loosing time visiting countless web pages.

I take on steady projects with reliable clients as I appreciate consistency. I wouldn't neglect the great thrill of the chase, though. Despite the fact that I do not advertise on my site to find work for myself, I should admit that I get a kick out of hunting down the offers.

Another thing I like a lot about blogs is that many writers who get work through the advertisements on my site give me feedback. Personally I find it hard to imagine searching for work every single day. It is not that I don't do search all the time but I don't rely on it to make a living.

Many visitors who had been hired for a projects leave messages on my blog. I always feel so good reading these messages as they remind me that I am doing some good.

I had a bad experience with one reader in the past. I remember she was offended because I used Google advertisements on my web page. She disliked the fact that I make a profit out of it. To be completely honest, the profit is quite small as writers are not much of clickers. Apart from that, I really don't see anything bad about getting some small profit from the advertisements considering the free service I provide.

This brings up the subject about blog etiquette. I hope you will agree with me that all visitors should consider the purpose of the particular site before actually judging it.

The reason why I advertise on my site is for it offers valuable service. After all, anyone who isn't interested in the advertisements can simply scroll down as no one is obligated to click on an ad.

I know from my visitors' messages that most of them haven't even noticed the advertisements on my blog before they read a complaint posted by someone else. I do appreciate this complain. Whoever did it has done good to me as now my readers are taking some time to give a few clicks on the advertisements.

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