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The Biggest Mistakes Women Make During Sex With Men

Women: The Top Mistakes You Make During Sex With Your Man! By the authors at http://www.sex-and-relationships.com Compiled from a lot of emails over the years asking for help...
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Women: The Top Mistakes You Make During Sex With Your Man!

By the authors at http://www.sex-and-relationships.com

Compiled from a lot of emails over the years asking for help with relationship issues in general, and sex in particular, we've compiled this list of the gravest errors women can make when it comes to getting down 'n' dirty with their menfolk!

1 Behaving like he's a mind reader - or dropping "clues" about what you want

This is a very feminine game, but it won't get you what you want. Men just don't think that way, and it's disrespectful to later blame them for something they could never figure out from such indirect communication. Drop the games, and be direct. Good communication is everything in a relationship. For example, if you want oral sex, ask him to go down on you. If you're embarrassed about it, use language which makes your meaning clear: "I'd like you to kiss my bits" will do - anything that gets your meaning across. And, though you may find it difficult, if he's working on bringing you to orgasm, he'll need feedback to make sure he carries on enthusiastically. Losing your self in your bliss and not saying anything will make him wonder if you're asleep, dead or uninterested, at which point he'll most likely stop.

2 Resenting him when you don't get what you want

What, didn't you read number 1 above? If you want, say, more foreplay, then you need to say so. If he charges straight into your erogenous zones after a few minutes' kissing, then you need to educate him about what you want. Men are much more quickly aroused than women on the whole, and they simply need slowing down. One great way to do this is to make sure you get an orgasm before you have intercourse (see below). And you can always distract him with a spot of fellatio, or by licking him all over. As a woman you're likely to be more creative than he is, so maybe you can apply your creative skills to sex, and improve it for both of you!

3 Not realizing that "Women come first"!

Well, maybe not in everything, but it's not a bad rule to follow during sex. Men lose interest very rapidly after they've ejaculated: like it or not, that's how they are biologically built (in fact they are programmed to sleep after sex) and unless they're especially sensitive, once they've come, they won't be much interested in your satisfaction. The best way to deal with this is to have extended foreplay which includes him giving you oral sex or pleasuring you with his fingers until you come.....then it's his turn. This way he'll be very turned on, and enjoy a big orgasm when he does come inside you - or in any other way. (And in case you don't know, men really do like the sight, smell and taste of your vulva!)

4 Being much more critical of your body than he is

It's hard for women to believe, but it is true. In general, men are much less critical of your nobody than you are. When you start hiding it during sex, or refusing to enjoy certain sexual positions because you fear what he might think of your body, he's likely to get very disenchanted, very quickly. If you need reassurance that your body is OK, remember rule number 1: ask him for it. Say, for example, "I'm feeling a bit insecure about my tits/bottom/belly/whatever. Do you find them attractive?" or, "Do you like my body?"

5 Not being assertive during sex

It's an old, old stereotype: men lead, women follow. Well, that certainly shouldn't be true all the time in sex. Even if you like him to be masculine and dominant during sex, or even if you like to feel as if you're being "taken" sometimes, it's just as nice for him to see your assertive side. Take the lead from time to time: give him a treat - woman on top or rear entry will push all his sexual buttons and make him wonder if his birthday has come early.

6 Being critical of his performance

Nothing, but nothing, will turn a man off faster (especially if he thinks he's doing well) than being critical. If he comes too soon for you, if he doesn't give you enough pleasure, if he's too rough or he touches you too hard or soft, or whatever, the answer does NOT lie in criticism! Instead, find a way of gently expressing your feelings and tell him what would like instead. For example, "When you don't look at me when you enter me I miss the feeling of intimacy with you" or "I like it when you do that, but I'd like it even more if you slowed down, touched to the side of my clitoris, thrust harder/softer...." and so on.

7 Treating his penis as if it were your clitoris

Which means - handle it more firmly. He'll soon tell you if you do it wrong. In general, men masturbate with much more pressure than is acceptable for a woman: her clitoris is simply too sensitive. You need to do it differently for him, especially as he approaches orgasm, when he really will like a firm touch. (Having said that, he'll still enjoy feather light touches from your well-lubed hand in the early stages of your sex play - try saliva as a quick and easy lube.)

8 Refusing oral sex

Well, this may be contentious, but I'll say it anyway. Most women don't really understand how important oral sex is to men. Sure, you know men like it (how could you not!), but you may not understand how important it is. And this isn't some crude male desire to dominate you. Men love oral sex because the intimacy and trust of the act is signals your love. Taking his penis into your mouth is not just a sign of accepting his penis, but also signals to him your total acceptance of him as a man: in his mind this may be an act of the greatest possible intimacy. By the way - you don't have to let him ejaculate in your mouth, let alone swallow his semen.

Short note about the author

Rod Phillips is a sexual therapist at http://www.sex-and-relationships.com.

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