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The Truth About Sexy Women And Naughty Boys

Sometimes I think back to my college and high school days with a little bit of regret. If I knew then what I knew now (to use that trite old saying) things would have been a lot...
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Sometimes I think back to my college and high school days with a little bit of regret. If I knew then what I knew now (to use that trite old saying) things would have been a lot more interesting in my experience with meeting sexy women. What's funny is, my instincts back then were actually correct--but I suppressed them, thinking you were supposed to be a nice guy with women as men are taught by society.

Whenever I engaged in what I now know as "naughty boy" behavior, the sexy woemen come running--but when I switched to nice guy mode, they went running. It took me years to finally understand that my "natural instincts" were correct, that what society teaches about attraction is total B.S..

As I've researched more and more into the art and science of attraction, I've discovered that this "naughty boy behavior" is a crucial element (along with personal authority). It cuts across all countries, and all cultures and creates attraction with all desireable and sexy women.

It's part of what sexy women want in a man, part of what they crave. Read what this man has to say about his experience with being a "naughty boy" and how women respond to him, and I think you'll get a good feel for what a "naughty boy" really is.

"Hey John--

Just reading some of your "naughty boy" material, and it reminds me of a story. One of the girls I used to date sent me a card not too long ago, and on it was a young boy, about 5 or 6 years old, riding his bicycle through a mud puddle in the rain, and on his face was.....you can probably guess....that naughty boy smile. The girl wrote inside, "this makes me think of how you probably were as a boy." Without even knowing it, this girl reaffirmed (as has everyone since I received your material) everything you say about sexy women. Your material is right on, dude, and has changed not just my love life around, but my whole life around. Thanks for that.


JA: Thanks for the great email, Steve. You know you're doing it right when you get a card like that from a sexy woman. It's the perfect way to think about being a naughty boy--you know you really shouldn't do something, but it's so much fun you do it anyways, with a devil may care smile on your face. It's funny how this behavior is discouraged by society, yet it's so effective in creating attraction with women. Furthermore, when you start to do it on a regular basis, it just feels natural... and the nice guy BS we're all taught feels foreign and phony--because it is.

Short note about the author

John Alanis, "The King of Let 'em Come to You", is author of the "Women Approach You" system at http://www.womenapproachyou.com. His blog is at http://www.johnalanis.com.

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