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Dating For Short Guys

DATING TIPS FOR SHORT GUYS Okay? so at your tallest most rigid stance, you stand only 5?4. Who cares as long as you have the personality, the sense of humor and the confidence t...
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Okay? so at your tallest most rigid stance, you stand only 5?4. Who cares as long as you have the personality, the sense of humor and the confidence to pull it through?

Dating short guys is not necessarily the horrendous mistake a woman will make. In fact, most women agree that height does not matter and often dating short guys is even better than dating their overgrown counterparts. They might dream of a tall Lancelot to whisk them away but in the end, qualities such as intelligence, wittiness and ambition outweigh all else.

So dating for short men should not be a source of anxiety but neither should you take things for granted. Here are some tips guaranteed to make dating a breeze for short guys.

Dress wisely

Appearance is important. Short guys who are dating should take careful heed of what they wear and how they wear them. There are ways to make short guys appear taller when dating. Wide pants, tweed pants and cuffed pants must be avoided at all cost. Short guys, when dating, should also stay away from double-breasted suits and horizontal stripes. They should instead wear straight leg pants, lightweight fabrics for pants and shoes with a little bit of platform. Pinstripes and single-breasted suits will also flatter the figure of a short guy when dating. Clothes in the monochromatic will also give an illusion of height.

Be clean and groomed

Short guys who are dating should also take time to style their hair and take care of other personal necessities and not just their clothes. Practice good grooming. Keep your hair short and your clothes clean.

Show off your personality

Dating short guys may not be the dream date that most girls ask for but it could be close. Compensate for being a short guy by giving her a big dose of your sense of humor. Show her that dating a short guy can be fun and hilarious.

Listen attentively and be genuinely interested in what she has to say. You may be a short guy but you are considerate and a gentleman.

Exude confidence

Nothing can make a short guy appear taller than confidence. It will straighten your back and keep your head up high. Mentally think about all the things that make you better than the next ?tall? guy. Remember that appearances are not everything. Love your self and the one you are dating will come to love you too. Nothing turns off a woman than a man who is insecure.

Go out there and meet people

Short guys won?t go dating if they stay at home and mope. Do not feel sorry for yourself. There are lots of short guys out there who are dating and having the time of their lives. Join organizations. Do volunteer work. Go to bars with friends. Watch a movie. The more people you meet, the more likely you will meet a person that is not only willing to date short guys but who will also genuinely like you.

Go after short women

Face facts. Tall women would usually go for taller men just to keep appearances. If you feel that tall women would not give you a chance, then go for the shorter side of the spectrum. For sure, short women are also as anxious about dating as short guys.

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