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The 3 Cs of Effective Marketing

Complicated definitions of marketing abound. However, when you think about what you are trying to achieve through your marketing activities, it is simply changing and then maint...
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Complicated definitions of marketing abound. However, when you think about what you are trying to achieve through your marketing activities, it is simply changing and then maintaining the behavior of your target market. You want to change their behavior from not buying your product or service to buying it and then you want to maintain that behavior.

From this perspective, marketing your product or service becomes very much like getting your kids to do their chores or teaching your puppy basic obedience. Certainly there is some up front work such as identifying your ideal client, determining how to reach that client and developing the message that will capture their attention. Once this strategy is outlined, implementation becomes a matter of focusing on the 3 Cs.

Clarity: You must clearly tell your prospective customers what action you want them to take. Be very specific. Instead of simply listing your telephone number on your direct mail piece say, ?Call 111-222-3333 today.? Or better yet say, ?Call 111-222-3333 today and request your copy of our free guide to housetraining your new puppy.?

Consistency: Be sure your message is the same in all your marketing communications. Develop a consistent look and color scheme. If you don?t already have one, develop your own unique logo (not one from Microsoft Publisher or a free clip art source) and use it on everything. Your website should have the same general look as your letterhead, business cards, e-mail newsletter, brochure, direct mail pieces, and even your invoice. Adopt a tag line and use it on everything.

Continuousness: Repeat your clear message, consistent look and identifying tag line over and over and over again. Remember it takes as many as five to 15 contacts with a prospective customer before they remember who you are, understand how you can help them and are willing to purchase. At the point you become bored with your materials your prospects are just beginning to notice them.

Review all your materials from your website to your business cards to your brochures and ask yourself these questions:

Is my message clear? Have I clearly defined the action I want my customer or prospective customer to take?

Is my message consistent? Do all my materials have a consistent look and feel? Am I consistent with my use of colors? Is there a consistent element such as a logo or tag line that ties all my materials together?

How many different ways and how frequently am I getting my message in front of my clients and prospective clients? Is my target market seeing my message on a consistent and regular basis?

Implement these 3 Cs and marketing your product or service might even be easier than getting your kids to clean their rooms or teaching your puppy to sit.

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Short note about the author

Julie Chance is president of Strategies-by-Design, a Dallas-based firm that helps businesses from specialty retailers to professional service firms Map A Path to Success by bridging the Purchase Chasm? from Lead to Loyal Customer. Strategies-by-Design provides a unique combination of consulting, coaching and training to help clients improve the return on their investment in marketing and promotional activities. For more information or to sign-up for their free marketing tips newsletter go to www.strategies-by-design.com or call 972-701-9311.

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