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The Leo Wanta Sage, Pt. 27: Wanta Confident $4.5 Trillion Will Be Released As Co...

According to Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of the financial group waiting to distribute 4.5 trillion to the American people, Ambassador Leo Wanta assured him on Thursday the mo...
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According to Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of the financial group waiting to distribute 4.5 trillion to the American people, Ambassador Leo Wanta assured him on Thursday the money eventually will be released, as corrupt U.S. authorities withholding it illegally are "backing themselves into a tighter and tighter corner."

Wanta and Cottrell, who together formed AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. to oversee proper distribution of the massive amount of money, were hoping the money would be released by the end of the business day on Sept. 7, the same day the Chinese were also to be paid trillions by the U.S. government for prior investment gains.

However, the deadline passed without the Wanta 4.5 trillion being paid and still being illegally withheld in a Clearing House Interbank Payment System credit account (CHIPS), an account credited to Goldman Sachs and Co. at Citibank.

In what has become known in international financial circles as one of the most important and explosive stories in the history of modern banking, the Wanta settlement has been the subject of a Bush administration cover-up ever since Ambassador Wanta entered into an official written agreement in November 2005 to repatriate money for the betterment of the American economy.

Further, in May Wanta verbally agreed to the distribution of the 4.5 trillion with President Bush along with the assistance of one Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) court judge and two U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

The settlement, also negotiated with the help of two major U.S. law firms, represents only a portion of the 27.5 trillion offshore fund established at the end of the Cold War, which is now under the legal control of Ambassador Wanta, as duly appointed trustor, a position given to him by former President Ronald Reagan.

"Well the news is, so far, we have not been paid and the reason they don't want to make a pay-out is they do not want it to show up on the books," said Cottrell in a Thursday evening telephone conversation. "We have heard, though, through one of the people working for the government that they have not said they won't pay us just that they can't pay us now."

Concerning an estimated 32 trillion payable to the Chinese on Sept. 7 and the Wanta 4.5 trillion, Cottrell added that Secretary of the Treasury Henry M. Paulson, Jr., went to China for an Asian/Pacific Economic Conference and, on directions of President Bush, cut a deal with Vietnam and Taiwan China to essentially "buy more time" in an effort to delay release of the Chinese and Wanta money.

"Last night they struck a deal to essentially buy more time which allows them to use Fanie Mae and Ginnie Mae as a cover," said Cottrell. "They are also using 1933-1934 U.S. dollars held in a repository of Taiwan Central Bank that were given to China from 1933-1945. Now each box of cash in the repository is worth 100 million and that is to be repatriated. In 2000, a bank law was passed allowing for a five percent repatriation fee and we believe they are using part of that as actually money being traded.

"Now the Fanie Mae and Ginnie Mae's are used as a front and they use the cash from the boxes from the repatriation. To cover all of that they have been given loans both to Vietnam and Taiwan and those loans allow them to do trading through Deutsche Bank similar how they are trying to use our Chip worth 4.5 trillion in Citibank to turn over tremendous profits like I explained earlier.

"Now they are using this cash and the cover of loans for Taiwan and Vietnam. They still have not paid us, but we learned there are going to be funds paid out tomorrow apparently via CHIP, however, we rather doubt at this point if we are going to be paid.

Cottrell added that in lieu of nonpayment, Ambassador Wanta "has already lowered the hammer," notifying the major banks in Europe, save Deutsche Bank, who have all agreed to put "stop orders" on any transactions with the U.S. government of 100 million or more.

"Most of the major banks in Europe other than Deutsche Bank have already agreed to the stop orders based on the failure to pay Ambassador Wanta," said Cottrell, including Credit Swiss and UBS. "We have asked the Chinese but I have not heard confirmation that they will go ahead and pull the 32 trillion owed in CHIPS. However, given that President Bush and Paulson cut a deal with Viet Nam and Taiwan whether the Chinese pull the CHIPS is irrelevant because they now have a cash flow through the system that allows them to stash more money away.

"What is most aggravating to me is that the President of the United States and the Secretary of the Treasury have made a deal with a communist country to circumvent an American company from paying taxes. That is what makes me angry because these guys go over and strike a deal to circumvent the American people. They essentially would rather cut a deal in Hanoi then allow us to pay the 1.6 trillion in taxes and use the rest of the money for the betterment of the American economy."

Besides alerting European banks about nonpayment, Cottrell said he didn't want to "tip his hand" on future plans to secure release of the 4.5 trillion, saying he fears the U.S. government would use this information to circumvent their plans.

Although Wanta and Cottrell have been trying to get paid since June, he still felt optimistic the money will be released.

"I was just talking to Leo tonight and he said we will get paid and that there is no question or doubt about that," added Cottrell. "But what they are doing is boxing themselves into a tighter and tighter corner because this is truly a fraud against the United States of America. The more they try to circumvent the more violations of federal law keep adding up."

In related matters, one week ago Cottrell learned James R. Wilkinson, deputy national security advisor for communications, signed off on the release of the 4.5 trillion being held in the Clearing House Interbank Payment System credit account (CHIPS), an account credited to Goldman Sachs and Co. at Citibank.

Wilkinson and Paulson are the only two officials with signature approval over the 4.5 trillion Wanta money, but both have failed to comment publicly.

Wilkinson assumed his post in 2003 after serving as Director of Strategic Communications for General Tommy R. Franks. In his present position, he reports directly to the National Security Advisor and the White House with the specific task of crafting long-term messaging for the National Security Council.

However, according to Cottrell, after Wilkinson officially "signed-off" on the 4.5 trillion, disturbing twists and turns began to take place as the funds never were properly directed into Ambassador Wanta's account.

"We tried calling Paulson a week ago, but his secretary told us, point blank, never expect a call back from him - ever," said Cottrell Wednesday in an extended telephone conversation about the reluctance of the highest officials in the land to release trillions that would benefit the American economy.

Instead, after repeated inquiries, Cottrell learned the Bush administration had deviously devised an illegal plan to defraud Ambassador Wanta and, in turn, the American people by diverting the CHIPS account first to the Deutsche Bank/Berlin and then to two other banks.

Cottrell added this method of "signing-off and then transferring credit accounts" is used by less than scrupulous individuals as a financial smokescreen, giving the appearance the money is being released when, in fact, it is being illegally diverted for other purposes.

"They have been lying to everyone and it is clear they never want to release the 1.6 trillion into the U.S. Treasury. They are simply trying to steal the money and it appears they really want to bring down the economy and the country," said Cottrell, referring to the 1.6 trillion to be paid by Ambassador Wanta in federal taxes generated by the massive 4.5 trillion settlement.

Regarding the trillions of offshore money generated by Wanta at the end of the Cold War, it was always the intention of President Reagan and Ambassador Wanta to use the money for the benefit of the American people. But after Reagan left the political spotlight, Wanta was indiscriminately and illegally jailed by operatives working for the last three presidential administrations, who have instead pilfered trillions for their own agenda and personal gain.

After Wanta's release from a Wisconsin jail in 2005, he was instructed in a 2003 memorandum opinion by Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, to try and return the 27.5 trillion to U.S. coffers according to President Reagan's instructions.

The 4.5 trillion settlement is a culmination of his efforts after finding a dark and ominous financial trail of theft, bribery and deception, discovering in his quest to retrace the whereabouts of the offshore money that much of it had been stolen or diverted for private use by the last three presidential administrations.

Wanta also discovered to his dismay that a CIA disinformation campaign had been waged, spreading false rumors of his death, making it easier for those criminals inside the government to abscond with trillions.

To date he has provided the Arctic Beacon with documentation of more than 745 billion in stolen funds, including accounts leading to Bush. Sr., Neil Bush and former President Clinton.

Wanta added that at the time he entered into the settlement in May he had further identified upwards of 2 trillion in stolen funds from accounts under his control, keeping the documentation as financial leverage in case the 4.5 trillion settlement falls through.

And since President Bush was notified in writing of the settlement in July, observers claim his "false American colors" have come shining through as he placed an immediate illegal hold on the money in an effort to protect the "financial dike from exploding" and the criminals in government being exposed instead of doing the right thing and injecting an immediate trillion dollar boost into the American economy.

After learning of the Wanta settlement and the fact the Ambassador was still alive, the Chinese set the Sept 7 due date for the return of their investment money, long since frozen by U.S. authorities in what has become known as the "China Foundation Money."

"The link between Ambassador Wanta and the 32 trillion owed the Chinese goes back to the days of World War II-Cold War and connections with his Chinese business partner, Howe Kwong Kok," said Cottrell. "Out of loyalty and respect, the Chinese have thrown their support behind Ambassador Wanta and have applied added pressure so that U.S authorities release the money.

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Greg Szymanski
To learn more about the Leo Wanta saga and other stories vital to our world, go to independent journalist Greg Szymanski's http://www.arcticbeacon.com and listen to his international radio show at http://www.gcnlive.com Monday-Friday from 4-6pm central.

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