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Tell Someone You Love Them

First of all, if you want more from a girl than just friendship, you should be aware of this early enough so you don't try to be friends with her first then change your mind when it's hard to bring out the romance.
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First of all, if you want more from a girl than just friendship, you should be aware of this early enough so you don't try to be friends with her first then change your mind when it's hard to bring out the romance. A romantic move from you might shock a girl who has been growing accustomed to you as just a friend. However, depending on how you feel friendship can be the strongest foundation for a loving relationship. If you can see your attraction leading somewhere don't be afraid to make friends first before you have the courage to ask her if she'd like to go further with you. Friendship is important in any relationship, you will unearth it as you go.

If you are caught up in the moment, don't hesitate, she will probably be feeling as aware of you as you are of her. In this case don't wait too long to tell her the truth. Depending on the situation this could be the day you go on your first date together, or a few days later when you are on the brink of friendship but the opportunity for romance to bloom hasn't passed. Or even, it could be that you have spent a fortnight or up to a month in her company and you both know there is something serious happening under everything and wish to take it that step further.

You will naturally want to give her little signs that you like her and see how she reacts. Body contact is very important. This doesn't mean you have to grab her behind (although you can if the situation turns out that way, you will know from her reactions), but that you ease into it, by touching her ear or her lips or by saying something like: "I really like your earrings." "Your hair smells so nice." "You have lovely lips." Be casual, she will most likely see through your words and be feeling the same way as you, you want to gently ease into the acknowledgement of these feelings. These moments will be intense and wonderful for both of you and the feelings more beautiful when disclosed.

If she responds positively, that is if you have read her well (it's important to realise whether the feelings are one way or two, if you don't know her at all you might be awkwardly plunging into a lustful fantasy), it's time to move to the next level. Don't rush it, but be confident in you, in her, and show that attitude towards her. Show that being with her is positive for you and that you believe it's positive for her too. Let a little of your excitement loose ino this approach. If you're more the quiet kind of person, sometimes girls see your shyness as a sign of your attraction, girls love gentility as well as the fires of passion so be yourself. Body language is one of the best ways to communicate your newfound affection, a fleeting touch, when she sees you doing things she will see herself at the receiving end of your touch and if you act with kindness this will appeal to her greatly. Be honest however, don't feign your nature. If she likes what she sees you can be confident in your feelings.

In truth, and this is important, you don't have to say the words: "I love you." This is, of course, all assuming that you aren't in a deep relationship with the girl. If you are you're deeper in than this article will go and need more mature and expressive ways to show your love. However letting the nervousness of the early days show through sometimes can be fun, a fond and inspiring reflection on your relationship. Back to the young newly realised lovers however, "I love you" doesn't need to be spoken, there are many ways in which it can be conveyed to which the words finally spoken can be a meaninful finalé.

Generally, it's important for you to be honest. Bring up things like: "I really like you..." or "I would love to spend more time with you/see you again." However you wish to say this, put your own spin on it. Or you could come straight out with "I'm really attracted to you," and see how she feels. Go with the flow, articulate how you feel with words and gestures and see how she responds to your subtle communication. If she is interested she will reciprocate and you will find yourself being drawn into a journey of passionate discovery, of each other and of your individual selves. Remember, when you both are laughing and loving happily into your second, third, sixth month together, that you must be honest. If you feel something is not right, tell your partner, don't force yourself into a world of difficulty if you can't figure it out together, but always give them a chance. And if you are feeling over the moon, glowing with pleasure and joy, let them know that too. Make sure you're both continually aware of each other's side of the story and you will not be hindered by doubt. Instead you will find in each other an infinite well of happiness.

But back to the beginning, you could declare yourself in a million ways, creative or traditional or inspirational, it all depends on how you feel and what you are confident with. Also, you want to be sure to wait for that special moment of intimacy to say these things. There may be a few before you find the courage but don't wait til it's too late, don't wait for the next time you see each other if you're feeling ready but just a little nervous. This doesn't mean, however, that you need to feel the pressure of organizing a candlelit dinner just for her. Other locations than a restaurant are perfectly fine. Just take her on a date to do something you both enjoy, make her laugh and feel comfortable the whole evening and when the time is right, when you're both close together somewhere quiet, tell her what's going on with your feelings.

Good luck, just be yourself, and remember that sometimes it's good to be impulsive.

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