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How to get Rid of an Inferior Marketing Strategy

Selling your wood products is a matter of marketing. If you come up with an elaborate business and marketing plan, including advertising, right prices, your advantages over to t...
Views: 872 Created 03/05/2007
nbsp;  Selling your wood products is a matter of marketing.  If you come up with an elaborate business and marketing plan, including advertising, right prices, your advantages over to the competition's products and the target group of customers, you will succeed in having high sales of your products.  If you don't establish a marketing plan based on the qualities of your wood products, then you can remain anonymous in the woodworking market, regardless of the quality of your wood products.
   Woodworking has many styles and techniques, but we are sure you already had a favorite one the moment you have decided to make woodworking a profitable business.  What matters is the final wood product, which must turn into your niche, something that describes your brand, different from other similar wood products.  You can choose from many items that you feel comfortable creating, then you have to add that special feature of your own style or design that will easily be recognized by any of your customers: complete sets of furniture, hand made furniture, toys, decorative items, wood jewelry.
   You can also provide professional services related to woodworking: wood furniture restoration or teaching woodworking classes. It is important that you decide upon the target group of customers your products will address: wood toys, wood jewelry for young mothers, antique like furniture for individuals over 25 or complete sets of furniture for young couples.  You can advertise your products to each category of customers in many ways, by attending furniture shows and exhibits, art crafts, fairs, craft malls or the Internet sites.  Those are great opportunities for you to build a base of customers and to test which of your products are the most popular.
   The final part of the marketing plan should include the analysis of your competition.  This analysis should be mainly based on the prices and the quality of the wood products.  You should find out what kind of products they sell, how long they have been around in the woodworking business and where they usually sell their wood products, do they have high prices or not.     You can find out information about your competitors by attending woodworking trade shows or art and crafts fairs or through woodworking associations.
   If you find what the unique aspects of their wood products are, how they manage to draw the customers and which are the latest trends, along with additional information related to price, types of wood items, then your final marketing plan can be written down.  Effective research can provide you with a smashing marketing plan; you just have to present your customers a better offering of products, prices and develop a better advertising campaign.

Derryck Frost is a Woodcraft enthusiast who now dedicated this time and effort to helping other Woodcraft enthusiast turn ther passion into a profitable business. His free membership site http://www.passionforwoodwork.com has a collection of most have materials for people looking to market thier Woodcrafts

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