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Do You Want A Home Quilting Business?

Lots of people have a hobby they are truly passionate about. Maybe it's writing or perhaps it's painting. For thousands of people worldwide, that hobby is quilting. If y...
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Lots of people have a hobby they are truly passionate about. Maybe it's writing or perhaps it's painting. For thousands of people worldwide, that hobby is quilting. If you are in fact a talented quilter, you've more than likely heard the statement - "You should do this as a business." Maybe the thought has even crossed your mind before.

However, before you hastily jump into a time consuming and costly endeavor, you have to ask yourself another essential question - "Is a home business right for me?" Something that many people don't acknowledge is the business mantra: passion is not profit. Just because you really love an activity does not necessarily mean you can make money from it. After all, a quilting business necessarily involves two major aspects. One is quilting and the other is business. If you just want to quilt all day but not deal with the hassle and complications of a serious business, perhaps quilting best remains your hobby.

But if you are ready to tackle the added difficulties of day to day business, quilting may just be a lucrative and fulfilling career option. However, there are still a few nuances of a home business that you must ensure work with your lifestyle. Having your business in your home affords you great flexibility, but it can also be frustrating for many people. If you can't effectively separate your work life and your home life, you can quickly become displeased with both. If you think you are willing and able to compartmentalize your life, a home business may be perfect for you.

You also need to be honest with yourself about who you are as a business person. Are you somebody that can set challenging but realistic goals and stick to them? If you know you're not, a home business might not be the best option for you. Being your own boss can quickly go from dream job to nightmare if you are not self-motivated enough to accomplish anything.

The most important thing to remember is that working from home is still working. Just because you don't commute, doesn't mean you can relax all day and turn a profit. Yet if you know you have the talent, the drive and the right personality, your hobby can translate into income with just a little bit of effort.

Quilting is an excellent place to start, if you have a passion for quilting and love being appreciated by others for your work, then making quilts for other people can be both profitable and rewarding. The secret to all home based business is economy of scale. If you have to make one quilt for someone then plan to manufacture two, three or even four quilts at the same time. This cuts down on both time and cost. Purchasing supplies for one quilt is similar in cost to purchasing supplies for more if your can find cheap off cuts and over supplied materials.

Secondly cutting out one pattern can easily be a time saving. Lay out all materials and cut them out simultaneously, that way you make several quilts with the same pattern. Just swap blocks to make each quilt special. Give your paying customer the choice of the multiple quilts you make and then sell the others. You never know your customer might like two or more quilts once you show them your efforts.

"Quilting As A Business, Turning Your Passion to Profit" contains may hints and tips for hobbyist planning to take the next step and turn their passion to profit. Just remember working for yourself doing what you love does not have to be a dream, thousands have gone before you, why not you?

Michelle is a quilting enthusiast who has turner her hand to helping other quilting enthusiast's make money from quilting. Her book "Quilting As A Business, Turning Your Passion to Profit" can be obtained via her free membership site http://creative-quilting.com which offers both quilting howto and quilting business advise.

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