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Hair Removal with Threading

Unwanted hair growth is a problem for a great number of people. Hair on areas like the hand, foot and face is normally not desired by men and women. In this case people often go...
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Unwanted hair growth is a problem for a great number of people. Hair on areas like the hand, foot and face is normally not desired by men and women. In this case people often go for various hair removal methods.

There are temporary and permanent methods of hair removal. Threading is an old method of hair removal. This method involves the use of thread for removing hair. The practitioner rolls twisted cotton threads over untidy hairlines and plucks the unwanted hair. Eyebrow threading technique is healthy since it does not result in in-grown hair.

Threading, inspite of being an ancient method, is still being used in some parts of the world like India and the Middle East. In Arabic this method is called khite whereas in Egypt it is called fatlah. In some western countries also there are beauty saloons that use threading hair removal method. Threading is used to remove hair from entire face including eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sideburns and cheeks. Sometimes it is also used to remove hair from belly button to pubic bone and toes.     

While using threading to remove hair from the face, the practitioner holds one end of the cotton thread in his/her teeth and the other in left hand. While doing this the middle part of the cotton is looped through the index and middle fingers of the right hand and the loop is used to trap unwanted hair and pull them from the skin. In some cases some devices can be used to hold the thread during the procedure. Eyebrow threading is a delicate process and requires a professional to perform it. If not done properly, threading scan result in pain and can also cause hurt to the skin.  

Eyebrow threading technique is an inexpensive method of hair removal. The process is done comparative fast and is less painful compared to plucking, another hair removal method. The effect of this method of hair removal lasts up to two to four weeks. This method can be used even on sensitive skin. Threading also takes less time to perform. To get both brows done it takes around 15 minutes. It is a safe method since it does not involve use of any chemical.

One disadvantage of threading is that it takes an expert to perform this treatment. It is also hard to find a practitioner of this method. The method can have some side effects like folliculitis, a bacterial infection, skin reddening and changes in skin pigment.  

Another problem with threading is that it can be performed only on flat surfaces and it is difficult to be done on body areas that are not flat like the bikini line and the knee.

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James Brown

He has written many informative articles on Eyebrow threading technique and  affordable laser hair removal  in several reputed journals. For more information please visit at :- http://www.hairremovaladvice.com/

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