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8 ways to promote new content on your website

Welcome to the never-ending world of website promotion! Never ending? Well, not only must you promote your site when you first create it, but then you must find ways to continue...
Views: 1.999 Created 10/24/2006
Welcome to the never-ending world of website promotion!

Never ending? Well, not only must you promote your site when
you first create it, but then you must find ways to continue
to promote it.

And you must find ways to promote the site's new content

This article covers 8 ways you can promote new site content.
It assumes that you understand the basics of website

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Let's begin.

1) Tell Your E-Mail Subscribers

Tell the subscribers (or customers) on your mailing list.
This is an easy first step to take, to promote a site
redesign (or to promote new pages on your site).

Your mailing list is your best opportunity to really go into
detail about the new content, especially if this new
content benefits them. (It does, doesn't it?) If you have
built a good relationship with your subscribers, they might
even tell you how good/bad the new content is.

Always respond positively to this feedback.

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building one. There are plenty of free/cheap services that
will let you send a newsletter. To find out more, read my
article: Write A Newsletter To Get Site Visitors To Return!
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2) Tell Your Friends, Family, Anyone

Tell friends, family and others who are in your address
book. Make your e-mail personal, and friendly and (better
still) just talk about how your site now benefits or
involves them.

3) Tell The Newsgroups/Forums

Tell the newsgroups and online forums about your new site.

This strategy works best if you are a regular contributor,
but there are many forums which contain a 'Review My Site'

Again, if you focus on benefits, you have a much better
chance of people visiting your site.

A great place to find suitable newsgroups is
- http://groups.google.com

4) Tell The Search Engines?

DON'T just blast your new pages to all the search engines
and directories!

This may well seem like search engine spam to them, and your
new pages (or even your whole site) may get banned. Make
sure you check each search engine's policy regarding site
submission first. (For instance, some search engines (and
most directories) only require that you submit your home

Search engine policies change regularly, so find out from
others by visiting a search engine forum. An excellent place
to find such advice is
- http://www.searchengineforums.com

Here's what I did. I built a site map, and added links to my
new content to the site map. (I visited searchengineforums
first, obviously!)
- http://www.shoptour.co.uk/site-map.shtml

5) Find Other Promotion Sources

Search engines are not the only way to promote your site.

For example, webmaster resource sites, freebie sites, and
even Britney Spears and Harry Potter fanclub sites may all
quite like to know about your new site content. Whatever
your site is about, there's a site resource dedicated to it!

For example:

* Got a free SMS site, then add it to this site?
- http://www.TextMeFree.com

* Got a new worldwide competition, why not add it here?
- http://www.loquax.com

* Got a great freebie, add it here?
- http://www.thefreesite.com

Use your imagination, and do a search on Google.

6) Write An Article

Writing articles is a proven method of promoting new
content. And there are so many sites willing to accept
well-written articles.

Don't think you know how to write an article? Just write
about what you know or do. It *isn't* difficult, and writing
articles can generate lots of website traffic. Here's an
article (on writing articles) that can help!
- http://www.howipromotemywebsite.com/write-articles.html

7) Don't Forget Pay-Per-Click Search Engines!

Using pay-per-click (PPC) search engines is an *ideal* way
to promote new site content.

You can either add more keywords to a current PPC campaign,
driving visitors to your new pages, or you can start a new
PPC campaign.

Either way, you should have traffic visiting your new
content in a matter of days (or immediately, if you use
Google AdWords).

These are the most popular pay-per-click search engines:
- http://www.overture.com
- http://www.espotting.com
- http://adwords.google.com/

And you can learn more about the basics of using pay-per-
click search engines via my article: Pay Per Click To
Guarantee Targeted Traffic!
- http://www.howipromotemywebsite.com/pay-per-click

8) Just Be Creative!

Be creative, and re-use what you've already got!

What do I mean by this? Well, it could mean getting people
to visit your new content by:

* Updating your newsletter welcome message, accordingly
* Updating relevant email reports
* Changing the content of a pop-up window
* Creating a new email signature file
* Sending a useful tip to a magazine or newspaper
* Updating existing pages to link to your new content
* Write a press release. (This article show you how!
- http://www.howipromotemywebsite.com/press-release .)


As I say, website-promotion is never-ending; there are
always more ways of promoting your site. Just make sure you
do something to get people to visit your new web pages, eh!

STEVE NASH is the author of the popular 7-day email course,
Promote Your Site Every Day. Subscribe, for free, at

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