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Cycle: creation and health

Cycle: creation and health part I : Creation We practice it every moment of our existence. Consciously, or not, we are responsible for our work and also by ourselves w...
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Cycle: creation and health part I :


We practice it every moment of our existence. Consciously, or not, we are responsible for our work and also by ourselves we reap the harvest of our choices.
Creation. This "small" and this "big", known and never seen by anybody then we, leading to the harmony and this bringing pain and suffering.
We are so prolific, but do we comprehend for sure, to what a purpose serve the results of our creation?
Why practicing the art named life we create the pain? Can we read out our own lesson for us?
Are open for knowledge flowing from the creation of experiences bringing the pain, or rather we assume a defensive attitude, which increase our suffering?

All of it seems so tangled, that generally we arrogate our nasty experiences to other people, and at least always remains God, when we cannot recognize the originator of our indispositions.
HealthThe state of full psychophysical efficiency. The result of our creative activity.
Aspiration for the harmony which accompanies to the creation based on own feelings, incomprehension of own situation and all what is surrounding us, when we try identify with the program offer of others.
How differentiate the inspiration flowing from the level of our own intuitive wisdom, guaranteeing us feeling of realized life, from thoughts originating from the programs, with which we are larded since the dawn of history?
Work with the emotions. This is the base for seeing the difference through our own eyes.
And here is the great offer: therapy through the art, through creation.
We had described a full circle in our considerations.
Creator and his work. Health or disharmony?
And also the work, which can heal, but only on the base for creative acting is Love of the creator.
About the healing sense of the art and also about how through the art reaching to own wisdom you can read in following parts of cycle.


Creation and health: part 2

Paint the world.

Painting. I take to my hand a brush. With the quick and firm motion I am painting the following spots. Where from is flowing the inspiration? Why exactly this color, this paint?
My inner power is expressing through myself, through the tool, which is my body.
Feeling of peace, certainty and joy.
Creative expression of myself. It is a way to contact our inner power.
This is the way to shift the FEELING on perceptible by senses matter.
Experience of self, one more time. One more time, but in another way than until now.
And then new inspiration and this power, which irresistibly pushes me to the new experience.
Succeeding spots are composing shapes and forms.
I am painting my inside. I do create, because I do FEEL.
Can I hurrying on the ways of this world create all my experiences in the unity with my feelings?
Is it possible? If yes, why do I do it?
I look through the window. White bunches of lilac are becoming a tint of brown.
Farther with the blowing wind are dancing flexible twigs of birch, reflecting the golden rays of setting sun. Silence. Quiet. What do they experience? Because the fact that they feel, we belief…
I am a creator of myself.
I always define myself afresh and experience in the action.
I increase myself. Do I need any program for it, or rather support of loving people, to make me able express again in the best way reflecting my feelings?
But maybe I have to rely only on me in this journey?
Silence. Next day and new inspirations. I start the action and experience accordingly with my choice. I am painting my life, I am painting my world.

 Intuitive Creation and health: part 3

The art of creation.

Yesterday I talk to the great pain tress. Her works are originating from the level of intuition. This is a "mine of knowledge" can be used by the persons feeling themselves, their own energy.
" What is the most important for you?" I had asked, breaking the long monolog...
"My creation" - she answered - "It fills all my time. In it I recognize myself. It is for me something more, than only the way of earning money, but yes, it also gives me the maintenance."
This is my immaterial inside, which, thanks to the tools of creation I can show.
It gives me a much joy and brings me new ideas to put in working order.
This is a way, on which I discover new elements of myself.
Can we reach to this place in ourselves, which is possible to call a source of creativity?
Is it needed us for anything?
During the child is growing, we pay an attention to the proper evolution of the logic hemisphere. Intuition is still, even less then before, treated harshly.
So, but this is still a source of our inspirations, which gives us the joy of creating.
The artists deserve this most essential element deciding about their individuality.
In silence, far from turmoil and hum, they create their world.
They enjoy and increase outputting from their inside following ideas and giving them a life.
And after there is remaining only experience of theirs work, whatever it could be.
Why we stake on creativity?
Many people belonging to the art sphere answer, that this is the only one real way of life bringing realization, even when the receiver is not prepared for the receipt of the work.
If we do realize this or not, we all are the creators of our own life.
Thoughts, words, acts filling our everyday rhythm of existence.
Can we create our everyday work leaning on the intuition?
Do our choices bring fulfillment and make us glad?
I think, that each of us should answer this question by himself.

from “Czarodziejska myśl “DSP Chicago 2006
Teresa Maria Zalewska

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