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Contact with oneself - philosophy or need?

Most of known to me people, accordingly claim that we all live in the same world. Argumentation is basing on so called sensuous perceiving as a tool of objective valuation of re...
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Most of known to me people, accordingly claim that we all live in the same world.

Argumentation is basing on so called sensuous perceiving as a tool of objective valuation of reality. But observing variety of human reactions in the same situational factors, we start slowly understand, that so called objective world, it is only a framework of a structure of reality, which we co-create all together (knowingly or not), representing as well a base for building a subjective reality.

Most of problems with communication is arising, in my belief, from a projection of subjective vision onto "surroundings" and from a lack of comprehension, that formalized by us image of "real world" is not and will never be the same for others.

Extreme cases of this way of thinking lead to conflicts on many levels of life.

There accompany them not rarely devastation and death, or escalation of animosity between particular nations or religious formations (even for instance distressing in consequences, incident linked with publication of prophet Mahomet caricatures).

Last years have brought a considerable knowledge in a domain of psychology and medicine concerning problems with communication in a context of individual (psychosomatic illness), and also solutions aiming to decrease negative influence on humans.

Workshops of assertiveness or interpersonal communication constitute today a subject of interest of people, first of all these, who through their acting have experienced the contact with generality. I think, that there exist outright necessity of breeding this kind of meetings, if we are interested not in our professional career, but also our psychosomatic health.

But it doesn't exhaust the knowledge about something uncommonly essential for any ventures - about ability of living in harmony and calm.

My interlocutors, especially younger part of human society look at me at this moment with a smile. We act fantastic on "high adrenaline" - affirm particularly unusually creative persons, for which communication barriers supposedly don't exist.

From their own point of view, reliably they are right, until (what we not rarely observing as physicians among people in age 35 - 45 years old), one day despite a most frankly willingness, they are not able to mobilize to go out anywhere from home.

More and more people in "white gown and with stethoscope in the ears" recognize syndrome of burnout.

But wait a moment - asking my interlocutors …

What a correlation it has with communication?

I think, that preoccupied day-to-day pictures of life, forced repeatedly to work much longer than any time rate, we have forgotten about most essential accord, about communication with oneself.

But what is this contact?

Observing the world of human behaviors it is not difficult to notice that habitual suppressing of emotions became a reality of life for many people. Conventions, ideas, daily grind, like claiming my conversational partners, enforce"specific way of functioning ", until a mask, which seemed such a wonderful invention, start to pinch.

Each of human being has mounted in oneself balancing system, which educating tools are feelings. If we suppress them, we deprive ourselves the contact with "internal" signals, which appear as a response for external factors (I think about an opulence of emotions accompany to all our activities).

Self-observation and decisions taking into account our feelings are unnecessary elements of life for a person, who want to keep psychosomatic balance and needful indications for all creators of fulfilling life experience.

I invite you to share experiences.

Best regards
Teresa Maria Zalewska

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