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Pregnancy Health - Have A Safe Pregnancy

Pregnancy health comprises having good dietary habits before and during pregnancy. Good diet and proper lifestyle during pregnancy can help you cope with early pregnancy symptom...
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Pregnancy health comprises having good dietary habits before and during pregnancy. Good diet and proper lifestyle during pregnancy can help you cope with early pregnancy symptoms as well as other symptoms of pregnancy.

Maintaining good pregnancy health is extremely important for an expectant mother to ensure her own and her little one’s safety during pregnancy. In fact, steps to keep yourself in good health should begin even before you begin trying to have a baby. There are some lifestyle / dietary habits which can cause trouble even in conceiving a baby. So, pregnancy health begins at the very beginning i.e. when the thought of planning a baby strikes you first. Here are a few tips on keeping yourself in good health before and during your pregnancy.

When You Plan To Have A Baby

For good pregnancy health, both you and your partner must completely avoid drinks high on caffeine like coffee, tea, and cold drinks. Similarly, both of you must refrain from having alcohol and smoking. Ingestion of any of these substances put you at a higher risk for infertility related problems. Secondly, you must visit a dentist well in advance before you get pregnant. Any kind of gum disease would give rise to bacteria in your mouth, which may infect your baby. Bacterial infections can cause you to have a premature delivery. So it is vital for you to maintain good oral health too. Also, both you and your partner must avoid heavy physical exercise while trying to have a baby. Rather restrict yourself to comfortable walks in the morning or evening.

During Pregnancy

First of all you must be careful with what you eat and drink to maintain good pregnancy health. You must eat food that is rich in fiber like fresh vegetables, fruit, cereals etc. Make it a point not to eat spicy / oily foodstuff. It’s best to stick to home-cooked food. You need more calcium during pregnancy, so include food items that contain calcium in your diet. And try to eat small quantities five to six times a day rather than three large meals because the process of digestion is slower in pregnant women. Beverages having caffeine are to be avoided after conception as well. Rather drink lots of water – at least about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. A rich and balanced diet would help you cope with early pregnancy symptoms like constipation, heartburn, hemorrhoids etc.

For body pains and aches, try applying heat-pads. Your clothing also has to be different from what you normally wear, even before you have a big belly. Avoid tight and synthetic clothing. Go in for cotton clothes that are loose and comfy. Wear padded bras to tackle another symptom of pregnancy - tender or swollen breasts. Also avoid use of soaps. Use moisturizers for your skin.

And yes, it’s safe to have sex when you are carrying. Though pregnancy health is not affected by sex, but if you notice pain in the abdomen or vagina or any kind of vaginal discharge consulting your doctor is a must.

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