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I Want to Get Thin NOW!

Do you ever catch yourself out and about, and suddenly before you stands a gorgeous woman? There she stands in her sexy short skirt dressed beautifully, hair styled to perfectio...
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 Do you ever catch yourself out and about, and suddenly before you stands a gorgeous woman? There she stands in her sexy short skirt dressed beautifully, hair styled to perfection, and all you can say is “I want to be thin NOW!”

When you tell yourself you want it NOW, do you realize that you are actually not ever going to receive you wish?  It’s true.  Think about it. Imagine a two year old having a temper-tantrum, kicking and screaming in the middle of the store saying “I want this toy NOW!” Do you feel inspired to give that child what he or she wants? No! Well that is exactly how the Law of Attraction works.

The Universe will not give you what you desire if you are coming from a place of lack or limitations. When you demand thinness, when you are looking at the beautiful woman and say “I want this NOW!” you are actually coming from lack—it’s the painful and needy place inside of you in that moment is not appreciating your beauty. In that moment you don’t believe that you are thin. And when you don’t believe you are thin, the Law of Attraction say “Your wish is my command” as James Ray in the movie The Secret so beautifully stated.

When you come from a loving, relaxed and open space, thinness will be yours.  So what should you do? When you decide that you really want to be thin now, the best thing you can do is look inside and find your thin and beautiful self. Give gratitude to the parts of your body that are similar to the parts of the men or women you desire. Appreciate your body for all it’s miraculous effortless breathing, your heart’s ability to pump blood without you doing a single thing. You are miraculous gift, and spending a moment to connect to you miraculous Self and coming from a loving space, will begin to attract to you the thinness you desire. <br><br>One thing you can do right now to attract a thin you is to focus on WHY you want to be thin. What are the qualities?

When you look at beautiful people passing by, what inside of you are you wanting? Are you wanting to wear beautiful clothes, tiny little skirts, or feel confident in tank tops? Take a moment, close your eyes and feel yourself having the body you desire. Trust that you will magnetically attract the body you desire when you feel your  connection to your thin and beautiful you that lies perfectly within you.  Now, let it go.  Remember, you attract what you are feeling. If you feel fat, heavy, tired and ugly—that is precisely what you will receive. It doesn’t do you one bit of good to come from a state of lack and limitation.  When you feel grateful, beautiful and loving toward your body, you will attract beauty. So choose to enjoy your body today, focus on feeling beautiful and grateful for the miraculous gift that you are, and beauty and thinness will be yours.  

Marna Goldstein founded Thin From Within (http://www.ThinWithin.com) to empower people to love their bodies and live thin. She is author of the book Naturally Thin Secrets (http://www.NaturallyThinSecrets.com) and is featured in Facing The Fat, a documentary movie due out in theatres in 2008.

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