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Medieval Times

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament has gained great popularity as a chain of dinner theaters which stage tournaments in the style of the chivalric contests of the High Middl...
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Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament has gained great popularity as a chain of dinner theaters which stage tournaments in the style of the chivalric contests of the High Middle Ages. The headquarter of this private company is in Buena Park (http://www.ticketnest.com/venues/Medieval-Times---Buena-Park/index.php ), California.

Originally, The Medieval Times was opened as El Castillo del Cid in 1984 in Kissimmee, Florida. Since medieal start, it has opened eight additional locations primarily in suburban areas of North America. These areas include California, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and Toronto, Ontario. The Andalusian horses are featured in the shows. These horses are raised and trained at the company's own Chapel Creek Ranch in Sanger, Texas.

In 1973, Medieval Times founders were successful in launching their unique idea with a dinner attraction on the Spanish island of Majorca. The region is fiercely proud of its rich medievl heritage. The true medieval tradition of royal families was the basis of the imaginative new entertainment spot. According to this medievil tradition, royal families used to invite guests to a festival and feast to watch Knights compete on horseback.

About The show:

When the opening of the gates of first Castle of meideval in Spain in 1973, the exhilarating combination of fun, feasting and fighting captured the enthusiasm of guests. The show has successfully maintained the same popularity and enthusiasm even today. As visitors are greeted by King Alfonso and his daughter, Princess Esperanza, it refreshes the memories of the period of the 11th century. Guests receive a colored crown corresponding to their seating area and the Knight they will cheer throughout the show of medievale Times.

Tournament of Skill:
A treachery threatened the legend of a kingdom while the sumptuous feast was being served but intimately strengthened by courage unfolds in the Grand Ceremonial Arena medievial.

The Feast:
Hungry guests are served with delicious foods in a quick period of timein mediveal. The meal begins with savory garlic bread and a steaming hot vegetable soup ladled into pewter bowls: then come roasted chicken, spare rib, a seasoned potato and pastry of the Castle mediaval.

Lances Splinter, Broadswords Clash:
The Grand Ceremonial Arena (mediaeval Times) is prepared for the Joust by the gallants when the last game of skill has been won.As trumpets sound, Knights in full armor astride magnificent Andalusians charge at each other. They were waving 10-foot lances with an intent on unseating their opponents.Once unhorsed, the Knights continue their battles on foot. In their quest for victory, they employed all the authentic weaponry of the medieval era - the sword, axe, mace and bola in medeival Times.

Honor is Restored!
As the plot unfolds with shocking twists and turns, It leads to the victory of truth, honor and lover over evil. Eventually, the peace is restored to the kingdom.The guests are brought to their feet in a deafening wave of thunderous cheers with an unexpected event in the final minutes of the show in medievel Time.

Customers enjoy the dinner and show on a single ticket in midieval Times.They gather for pre-show entertainment outside the venue at a "castle" after purchasing ticket. There is a capacity of between 1,000 and 1,400 patrons in each castle of medeval Times.

Upon admission, patrons are seated at tables encircling a large indoor arena. Here the performing knights engage in jousting as well as sword fighting and individual and equestrian skill games. There is division of house into six sections, each assigned a different color, and the audience members are encouraged to cheer for knights who wear the same color.

As the audience is to eat with their hands in "medival fashion", Dinner is served in courses, without eating utensils. There are not offered any menu. A typical meal for all consists of carrots and celery with ranch dip, vegetable soup, garlic bread, bone chicken, one potato, one rib, a varied pastry, and Pepsi, iced tea, beer and/or coffee. Dinner and show are designed to last two hours.

Pop culture
medievil Times has become part of popular culture. It has been featured in the leading movies and in the television programs. In the 1996 movie The Cable Guy, Jim Carrey's character entertains a customer played by Matthew Broderick at a medieval-themed show. The scene was filmed at the Medieval Times location in Buena Park, California near Knott's Berry Farm. In the 2004 movie Garden State, one of the characters who works at the Lyndhurst, New Jersey Medieval Times wears a full suit of mail around the house and is jokingly called a "Fast Food Knight" by another character.

In addition, Medieval Times has been featured in many television programs. These include MTV's The Osbournes, The Ashlee Simpson Show and Date My Mom, VH1's Flavor of Love, TBS's Minding the Store (starring Pauly Shore), The WB's Survival of the Richest, ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition CBS's Walker, Texas Ranger.
For more information about Medieval Times visit: http://www.ticketnest.com/concert-tickets/Medieval-Times/index.php


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