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How to make a great presentation

As a human beings we have to communicate our thoughts and share them with others. Sometimes it has to be public statement.
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As a human beings we have to communicate our thoughts and share them with others. Sometimes it has to be public statement. And probably each of us had to do at least one public presentation in his life. For some it was easier and for some harder. Especially those who had problems with doing it right think that it is something hard to learn or a kind of gift that you born with. But being a good speaker is a kind of skill that you can learn and practise. Just few tips will help you!

Know what you are speaking about

This is very important to have wide knowledge about the subject you are suppose to speak about. Read books and search information on the internet. Prepare yourself a short notes about most important issues and than read them free or four times. Well prepared notes are the key to organized knowledge. It's obvious that you can't remember all the facts that you want to talk about (and it is even not recommended to learn them by heart). But when you have good notes they will be a sort of network that will show connection of one item with another. In case of problems with remembering something you can always take a quick look and get back immediately on track.

Prepare some unusual facts

From my practise from university I've learned that there is nothing less interesting than boring lecture. I was a listeners of many lectures and presentations but only some of them left in my mind. I probably remember only those one which made my eyes open wider, made me wonder about the world and wanted to learn something more about the subject. Usually the most interesting were not facts that can be easily read in books but those that aren't widely known. So make your listeners wonder about the subject. Surprise them and left with a little bit of unsureness.

Be confident

I'm sure that this point might be hardest of all. But don't worry: if you are well prepared and have something interesting to say you'll be all right. Remember that no one is really 100% confident while speaking in public. And even if you made a mistake think that it happens to all of us. Even the professional speakers, managers and businessmen who ended up courses named ' management training uk ' or 'be the best leader' have sometimes doubts if they are correct or have something interesting to say. Bare this in mind and it will help you stay calm. And what can you do to be more confident?

Have a nice look

Wearing clothes in which we look and feel good makes us more comfortable and of course confident. Especially it is very important when it comes to women. When we are certain that our hair looks good, make up isn't to expressive, shoes are clean and clothes are elegant, smart, classy and fits us we can pay all the attention on the subject of presentation, not wondering 'Am I look good? Do they listen to me or look on the stain on my skirt?'.  

Smile and be funny

If it's possible and it is not very formal meeting try to interest your audience with a joke. If your presentation is first in a block of lectures your listeners might be a little bit sleepy. Few interesting and funny facts will totally wake them up and leave a good impression after you speech. And while listening many lectures before your audience might be a little bit tired and not willing to hear what you want to tell them. Opening joke will gain you their attention and make you more likable. If you aren't sure about the level of jokes you've prepared practise your speech with a friend - it will show you someone else reaction.

Take a course

If the theory is not enough for you sign up for a practical course. Such presentation skills training might have a wonderful impact on you. It provides participants with the skills required to present effectively and most importantly to develop confidence which makes presenting so much easier and therefore more successful. When you combine this course with a sort of a communication training that will help you use the body language and control your gestures effects might be really amazing!

Good luck!

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knowing how to make a great presentation is important in any field, I would say. Whether you work in the legal, medical, or technical fields you need to know how to put together an effective presentation.

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