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Premature ejaculation - Causes and cures

You are in the throes of passion with your partner, and things have gotten hot and heavy, and just when you have gotten two minutes into having sex with her - BAM! you have just...
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You are in the throes of passion with your partner, and things have gotten hot and heavy, and just when you have gotten two minutes into having sex with her -  BAM! you have just prematurely ejaculated or “came too soon”.  You see the hurt in her eyes, and then there’s the shame.  You feel like a failure.  You probably have what is called premature ejaculation or “PE”.Premature ejaculation (PE) is a problem that thirty percent of American men have experienced in their lifetimes, according to those men who have reported the problem to their doctors or other experts.  Some men may not even be aware that this is a problem because they or their partners may be hesitant or reluctant to talk about it because it is already hard on the relationship and speaking out about it might make things worse.  Do not be afraid to talk about premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a common problem.  Experts are still trying to determine exactly what is the cause of premature ejaculation.  Premature ejaculation was once thought to be a psychological condition, but now experts are thinking that it is psychological as well as biological.  Some possible causes of premature ejaculation may be excitement or anxiety, which is a major factor in climax control, as well as fertility problems in a relationship or marriage where you are trying to conceive.   Climaxing quickly can begin in youth and then throughout the man’s life it becomes a physical habit.  Sometimes this problem improves with age, but if premature ejaculation begins in adult years, it is more than likely due to stress. Having premature ejaculation definitely matters in relationships.  It can be frustrating and cause unhappiness in a marriage or relationship. Premature ejaculation is rarely caused by any physical disorder.  Some possible causes are wanting to avoid getting a woman pregnant, extreme sensitivity in the penis, neurological issues (which are very are), nerve injury (also very rare), stress at work or other areas in your life, and a big cause – fear of not being able to please your partner sexually. The average lasting time of men who have a premature ejaculation problem is 1.8 minutes, and normal men usually last about 7.3 minutes.  But, there are males out there who have reported having this problem, but they have lasting times up to 25 minutes. There are many ways to practice lasting longer for your partner in order to avoid premature ejaculation.  One big way to practice lengthening your orgasm is by not tuning out your body. Tune into it. Don’t think about other things.  Focus on your body.  Also, letting your partner get on top can help.  This takes the weight and strain off your body and lets you concentrate on other areas.  Using the “edge” method by yourself during masturbation or with your partner by bringing yourself to the “point of no return” several times or to “edge” will help to length orgasm. Then you can alternate the “edge method” with the “squeeze method” by taking breaks in between your “edging” and squeezing the tip or middle of the penis and holding it for a few seconds, then releasing only to start lovemaking again. Oral sex, clitoral stimulation of your partner’s body, and making use of sex toys and using your fingers are also wonderful ways of helping to length the orgasm.  Seventy-five percent of women have reported clitoral and toy stimulation as the way they orgasm.  There are several ways to prevent premature ejaculation and communication is a big key to this enigma.  Talk with your partner about the problem.  Women typically need more time to obtain an orgasm compared to men, so understanding each other’s bodies and knowing what the other wants and needs is a major factor in solving premature ejaculation and the frustrations and shame behind it. Many men who have premature ejaculation (PE) are often riddled with shame, fear and frustration.  Your partner is probably frustrated as well - thinking it’s her; therefore, she is also riddled with those very same feelings.  Talk to your partner or someone you trust about premature ejaculation if it’s becoming a problem for you. There is no real cure for premature ejaculation.  Experts are still trying to determine the exact cause, but there are things that can be done to help prevent premature ejaculation.  Things such as exercises that you can do in a gym or at home, or treatments like psychotherapy, anesthetic creams, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s), anti-depressants, and other medications that help to alleviate the problem and make sex more satisfactory for you and your partner and take that frustration and guilt away.  You can always opt for herbal treatments as well.There are also many products that you can take to help alleviate premature ejaculation.  Climax control that works for everyone is in the herbal product Climinax.  Climinax is all-natural and has active ingredients that are derived from therapeutic plants such as passiflora coerulea, which is a blue passion flower that produces an extract known as chrysin. Chrysin is used to produce anti-anxiety effects through the same receptors as the ones that Valium® uses. These plants are recognized and classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be totally safe dietary supplements or otherwise called “food”.  Climinax is free of side effects, endless masturbation alone, expensive psychological therapies, psychiatric synthetic prescription drugs, embarrassing anesthetic creams that could effect you as well as your partner, secret techniques that can ruin the lovemaking process, no ejaculation contraptions to try to figure out, and best of all – no shame.   You only take one Climinax pill one hour before sex and it helps you gain that extra “edge” over all the other men that have premature ejaculationBeing armed with the knowledge of how to fix your premature ejaculation dilemma is the first step in alleviating the frustration, anxiety, and shame and to help not only prolong your sex life but also to prolong your relationships now and in the future.  Do not let something like premature ejaculation rule your personal and sex life.  Do not wait one minute longer to maximize your sexual pleasure.  Do something about premature ejaculation today.

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