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Dangerous drivers

Many people drive everyday to work, than they are picking up children from school, sometimes driving to shopping centre. Probably you are one of them - you need your car to have...
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Many people drive everyday to work, than they are picking up children from school, sometimes driving to shopping centre. Probably you are one of them - you need your car to have comfortable and easy life. Of course you think about yourself as a very careful driver: you have family, you can't drive too fast and after drinking. That's obvious for you. But not all drivers are thinking like that.

Accidents usually involves two cars. Sometimes they also happen when car hits a pedestrian or cyclist. There might be different kinds of accidents but types of drivers who causes them are usually the same. What kind of drivers are most dangerous?

Every year roads in the world meet new drivers. Most of them are very young. And in many cases that means irresponsible. Usually teenagers get their driving licence at the age of 16 and at 18 birthdays their parents give them their own car. The most shocking fact connected with this situation is that young people mostly die because of road accidents. The road accidents were even called the young people's pandemic. Probably not only young drivers but also their older passengers were killed or injured in those accidents.

Similar group might be drivers who have lack of experience at driving. Not only young people finish driving courses. While having the course the number of hours that needs to be taken to past that training is in fact not enough tto become a real driver. Time spent on the road is really so small that you can only get to know the road just a little bit. And experience that is needed to call someone a real driver is almost two years of practise. Even those who were driving a lot once and stopped doing it from many reasons might have problems on the road. Driving a car is only partly like riding a bike: when you learn it at first you can't forget it. But when it comes to driving a car a greater experience is needed to get back on track without bad consequences.

Teenagers and inexperienced drivers are not only people who may change your normal ride into a nightmare. The roads are full of people who drives to fast or under the influence of alcohol. First group are people who like fast ride and risk that is connected with that. The second one are people who probably like parties but hate public transport or cabs. Both groups are as much irresponsible as teenagers. They don't think about the consequences of their behaviour.

So if you were a victim of road traffic accident you should remember abou few thingst: taking phone numbers from the people who saw the accident, going to hospital and if necessary making an injury compensation claim. The last point is as much important as the first and second one. Many people don't realize how easy is to read compensation guide, contact a solicitor and make such claim for free. They don't know that they have rights to get money from the pain they have suffered in the accidents. If doctor made a serious mistake during the operation you surely would make a medical negligence claim. So why not doing that if someone drunk hit you on the road?

Be careful on the road - if you are driving safely that's great but there are people who don't care so much about your safety. And they might be a cause of accidents.

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