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Having glass or wood table?

Did you ever have to decide what kind of table buy to your dining or living room? There is a great variety of products on the market but two kinds of tables are fighting to be t...
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Did you ever have to decide what kind of table buy to your dining or living room? There is a great variety of products on the market but two kinds of tables are fighting to be the leaders - wood and glass tables.

Wood table has a great history. It is in our lives from hundreds of years. In middle ages there were four-leged, big, heavy and rectangular oak tables in monasteries. They served gatherings and eating. Middle ages was very uneasy period in history when every item was made with simplicity, and it's major purpose was to serve not to look. Furniture weren't beautiful back than. Till 17th century it was like that. Than wooden tables started to be smaller and more comfortable.

Nearer our times furniture started to be more sophisticated, made with good taste, varied in shapes and types. The same happened with tables. The selection of materials that might be use to produce them become wider. And people wanted to have furniture that would give their houses better (sometimes more modern) look. One of materials that made people's dreams come true was glass.

Nowadays usage of table is as much important as the look of it. Probably it will never be out of style to have table made of wood but modern house prefer glass one. And they are not only beautiful but also very functional. Because they are usually made of very tough glass and have metal elements - great contrast for glass looking delicate surface - they stand stable and are easy to clean.

The glass that is used in production of tables is different than the traditional one. It doesn't break so easily and if such accident happens shards of glass aren't falling all over the floor - it breaks in more predictable and safe way. That kind of glass is called tempered. It is heated till annealing point and than rapidly cooled. This allows it to be stronger and than safer.

Glass tables also give a special look to a room, an illusion of much bigger space than it is in real. That's because you can see the floor through it's surface. The clear glass is masking the lack of space in the area cause it's not swallowing it as wooden furniture do. So if you have small living room but want to give it bigger impression.

Glass tables that are recently on the market are really stunning. Every modern designer furniture gives it best to change piece of furniture into a piece of art. And either you are looking for some lamp tables or coffee tables there is no doubt that you will find something that suits your house. If it's a modern house it probably should be modern glass table.

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