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Learn more about Spa Treatment for Facial Beauty

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A facial treatment spa is a non-medical process to assist the wellness of the body. A luxurious range of facial treatments are generally provided to suit all skin types and skin...
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A facial treatment spa is a non-medical process to assist the wellness of the body.

A luxurious range of facial treatments are generally provided to suit all skin types and skin needs.

The facial cleansing makes use of a variety of products which primarily consist of herbal ingredients.


The facial spa treatment can be divided into a few treatments. The following is just an example of a spa treatment:

- Cucumber Toner

This is a marvelous toner to balance and tone oily and acneic skin.

This notable method is accomplished using cucumber cut into chunks with the aid of witch hazel.

The refreshing fragrance of cucumber makes it a pleasance to use as well as efficient.

To apply, use a cotton pad immediately after cleansing skin.

- Facial Scrub

Several components may include honey, oat, cornmeal and others depending on the treatments.

To apply, simply blend the ingredients into a paste using a fork.

Then apply the mixture to face.

Subsequently, scrub in circular movements softly.

Lastly rinse off with warm water.

More information can be obtained here.

- Moisturising Mask

Mainly utilised for those with sensitive skin or just too dry or possibly its been damaged by too much sunbathing.

This allows a blanket of soothing protection, especially if the skin is inflamed, sensitive and raw or just exceedingly dry.

It’s a fantastic emergency moisturising treatment that will act to hydrate and nurture the skin and protect its outmost surface.

Compound mixed sesame oil, peeled avocado and plain yoghurt in a food processor and merge until smooth.

Massage mask equally onto the face and leave for 5-10 minutes. Wash away with warm water.


Facial Treatment Spa

- Herbal or Aromatic Steam

Drop lavender essential oil and neroli essential oil or other refreshing herbs into 1 litre boiled water in a pot.

Whilestill steaming, lean face over pot and drape a towel over your head, immobilising the steam.

Relax and take a breath deeply for 3-5 minutes.

Repeat 3-5 times.

- Soothing Moisturiser

This is used to penetrate skin quickly to soften skin for hours.

Whisk components and softly apply a mixture of aloe vera gel and sesame oil in circular motions.

Aloe Vera is delicately soothing and sesame oil helps reduce puffiness.

Additionally, the spa products can be created at home.



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Very poor content.

  ziko,  09/29/2017

The mask is excellent and so good for all types of skin.

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