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Learn more about Hair Loss Cause and Prevention

H air loss , also called baldness , happens mostly to people at the old age. This leads to the rise of needs in hair loss treatment. In United States, at the age of around 30 ye...
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Hair loss, also called baldness, happens mostly to people at the old age. This leads to the rise of needs in hair loss treatment. In United States, at the age of around 30 years, over 30% people is experiencing hair loss. At the age of 50 years old, around half of people starts losing hairs.

The simple explanation about the cause of hair loss is when the rate of shedding exceeds the rate of regrowth. It can be temporary or permanent.

The temporary hair loss are caused by diseases or illnesses, such as cancer or medical treatments, stress, fungus infection of the scalp, low protein diets, thyroid diseases, high fever, flu and chronic illness.

On the other hand, the permanent hair loss are caused by hormonal changes. This includes childbirth and birth control pills.

To prevent hair loss, it is recommended to carry out regular medical check up at the age of over 30s. Another option is to make use of hair loss drug, such as Propecia. Propecia works by blocking the conversions of testosterone into a related hormone, dihydrotestosterone that shrinks hair follicles. However, this drug cannot be taken while pregnant because it can cause birth defects in the urinary and genital organs of male fetuses.

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