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14 Tips for make up to improve Facial Beauty

When considering with facial beauty, it s important to understand which cosmetics to apply.
Views: 2.032 Created 01/20/2008

When considering with facial beauty, it's important to understand which cosmetics to apply.

As each individual has unique skin characteristics, there is no single cosmetic that can be used for everybody.

Additionally, the outcome is also different based on the make up method the person practices.

Next are some make up tips that can be applied to make you more appealing.


1. Find out foundation or cosmetic color that resembles your skin tone as close as possible. An acceptable make up color is when it is not noticed by others that you are using it.

2. Always make use of moisturizer before employing foundation for a smoother facial expression.

3. Apply the foundation across the lips and eyes all of the time.

4. Place powder on top of liquid foundation (if used).

5. As for the blusher, dark tones are most beneficial for tanned skin, while light colors are for fair skin.

6. Lipstick should correspond to skin tone as well as mascara.

Dark or stronger shade of lipstick is suggested for a well-shaped mouth. Additionally, keep eye make up soft and clean.

8. Make the best of a daily cleansing routine for a better make up.

9. Apply eye make up less during the day and more for the night time. It is advisable to select eye make up based on your life style or attended event.

Green eyeshadow in reality reveals almost every eye color. Feel free to carry out experimentation on this by mixing the eyeshadow with different shade in the corners.

11. Always take out make up before going to bed.

Natural products are necessary for acne prone.

13. Scars on face can be recovered by Vitamin E. Tan can reduce the scar appearance too.

14. Proper skin care is crucial. It is best to consult to your dermatitis doctor on a regular basis of the cosmetic use for your skin.


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