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8 Tips for doing Eye Makeup

Most of the time the first glance eyes play a great important role to catch the interest of others, especially males.
Views: 8.696 Created 01/20/2008

Most of the time the first glance eyes play a great important role to catch the interest of others, especially males. There are various eye makeups for any occasion, such as bedroom eyes, romantic dinner eyes, and many more.

The following practical tips can be used to achieve great eye makeup.

1. Clean and wash your eyes before applying eye makeup.

This can also be done by placing a cucumber (Cucumber toner) over each eye works to reduce the puffiness.

2. Choose the eye shadow color that suit your eyes

Corals, peaches, lilacs, browns or salmons are good choices for the main eye shadow color depends on the character of the eyes. Day to night makeup can be handled with the use of neutral or brown eyeshadow color. For the glamour feeling, use metallic eyeshadow.

3. Utilize concealer to cover the dark circles under the eyes.

This also works for smoky eye makeup.

4. Pick pale shimmer color type for your highlighter

Shimmery warm beige, Pale gold highlighter or Pale shimmery peach are recommended highlighter color for warm skin color. Dark skin tone can go for darker gold or amber. While cool skin color can be enhanced with pale pink, cool beige or pale pink highlighter.

5. Be careful not to tug the skin around the eyes as this might cause early wrinkle to form.

This usually happens during applying and removing eye makeup and eyes lining.

6. Always keep the makeup eye liner pencil in the refrigerator to make it easier to sharpen and use to makeup your eye.

Storing the pencil under much heat makes it soft and smudgy thus harder to use.

7. Apply mascara and separate the eye lashes with the use of dry mascara wand to make it clump free.

8. To erase mascara smudges or makeup mishaps, make use of a cotton bud dipped into eye makeup remover.


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Ron is the owner of My Facial Treatment - http://www.MyFacialTreatment.com

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