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Considering Laser Hair Removal For Pubic Hair?

For centuries upon centuries, both women and men have sought and utilized numerous methods for reducing and eliminating pubic hair. Waxing, shaving, plucking and depilatories ar...
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For centuries upon centuries, both women and men have sought and utilized numerous methods for reducing and eliminating pubic hair. Waxing, shaving, plucking and depilatories are among those methods that have lasted over the years. Regardless of the removal method used, there was always the trouble with ingrown hairs and stubble. However, today's technological advances provide us with yet another option for those who prefer to walk on the lighter side of the pubic hairline, minus ingrown hairs and irritating stubble.

This currently trendy and en vogue pubic grooming option is laser hair removal, in which an instrument (a laser device) sends a vigorously vibrating beam of light through the skin, directly zapping the hair follicle itself. The hair follicles within the treated area of the skin basically absorb the largest percentage of the emitted beam, which causes them to subsequently die and fall out, although not immediately. Several treatment sessions are generally required to achieve a long-lasting reduction or permanent elimination of pubic hair.

Although the FDA approved laser hair removal as a safe procedure in 1994, the jury is still out with some people regarding certain issues of the process. Pain, while not experienced by all, can certainly be an issue. What is merely a moment of discomfort for some people can be truly agonizing for others, depending upon the variance in individual sensitivity and personal tolerance for pain.

The removal of pubic hair via laser treatment is increasingly popular; however, this process is not the optimum choice for people of all skin tones and hair color. This method of hair removal works best for people who have fair skin and dark pubic hair. The reason? Skin can be seriously damaged if hair follicles are the same color or if skin is dark, simply because darker areas treated naturally absorb more of the beam. Individuals with either blonde or red hair can expect variable outcomes, including disappointment with the results of laser hair removal treatment. 

Another downside to this form of hair removal is cost, with prices ranging from several hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars per session. Some individuals have paid thousands of dollars for treatment and are unable to complete the process because of pain or unacceptable results.  There are also medical constraints or limitations both prior to and after the procedure. Before opting for this choice, visit the location of the clinic or spa you're considering. Also, verify its reputation and the credentials of the professionals who work there.

If the con side of pubic hair removal via laser weighs heavier on your mind than the pro side, reconsider shaving as an option. Shaving products have improved dramatically in recent years, with safe and affordable products designed especially for pubic hair removal now available.  

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Bonnie Jo Davis is a writer on assignment for Hair Care Down There.  Say goodbye to rashes, itching and painful hair removal with a 3-step answer to a problem free pubic hair removal solution for women and men.  The Bikini Shaving Solution kit is an affordable alternative to Laser Hair Removal.  Visit http://www.haircaredownthere.com for more information.

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