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5 Beauty Mishaps to avoid for Prom Night

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Who does not know Prom Night? This is the night whom teenagers love much. But what if something is going wrong during this time?
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Who does not know Prom Night?

This is the night whom teenagers love much.

But what if something is going wrong during this time?

Something as bad as beauty mistakes?

Lets discuss this issue.

The most general faults that youngsters do for promenade night.


1. Having a new haircut

Suppose you come there with a new haircut which you think is fabulous.

Regrettably, it ends up in being you as a laughing stock because of your bad hair day .. I mean .. bad haircut.

How to avoid: Plan ahead.

Do not cut your hair a few days before the prom night.

As a matter of fact, it is suggested to do the haircut 2 months earlier.

This is to let you and your hairdresser to have time to plan your prom hairstyle, including amending the hairstyle if it doesn't fit you.


2. Heavily hair sprayed style

Another bad hair day.

Initially, the hairstyle is great for prom.

Nonetheless, as soon as the moment comes for you to go to prom night, the hairstyle has been changed or you just do not feel comfy with it any longer.

How to avoid:

Do not stay on too long around hot temperature area.

For some, this may constitute the hair scalp to be oily.

Stay around cool temperature area.

Come to an experienced hair stylist and request to treat this issue with care.

Bad Hair
Bad hair is bad!

3. Attempting something new and tricky for the first time

Some still think that high-priced cosmetic brands hold a higher quality.

This is not true.

Consider this..

Buying expensive cosmetic brand such as Clinique to apply for the first time for your prom styles.

And it ends up in your skin becoming allergic to it. Red dots everywhere.

How disastrous! How chaotic!

How to avoid: Expensive is not equal to impressive.

Stick to your regular brand and cosmetics.

If you want something refreshing, you can buy a new dress for the 'something new' factor.

You are able to find your nearest beauty stylist that you trust to perform the prom makeup for you as well.


4. Trying new makeup artist for the first time

This includes hairstylist as well.

The reason for this is that the artist isn't familiar with your facial.

And hence the unfamiliarity results in them trying out this and that to you, which is ruinous.

How to avoid:

Stick with your regular make up artist or hairstylist.

Additionally, maintain a great relationship with them.

This leads to them understand what you wish and what your skin or hair can manage.


5. Attempting a tanning salon for the first time

Ever prefer to have the extraordinary tanned skin that appear in the magazine?

Remember that photographs can be faked with technology like Photoshop.

Need proof? Look into this video in Youtube about Dove ads.

Your skin could be fascinating as tanned skin, but it could NOT.

It may also result in sunburned skin. Ow!

How to avoid:

Never attempt tanning salon for the first time for promenade night.

Doing so implies risking all your prepared cosmetics, and new dresses, and new shoes, and friends' expectations.

And in reality, based on Cancer Research UK, tanning could lead to skin cancer. Read more here.

Better safe than sorry!


Short note about the author

Ron is the owner of My Facial Treatment - http://www.MyFacialTreatment.com

This article is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial- NoDerivs

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  ballard,  01/25/2008

Hey, this isn't my forte but I hope this feedback helps you get your article submitted.

"Mishaps" It's just a quick edit.

UV = ionizing radiation = DNA strand breakage = aging = cancer = death. Baywatch babes used tanless stuff. We humans do need about 10 minutes of natural sunlight per week to convert Vit A -> D and who knows what else, scientists dont know everything about the

...  show more

  ron  (www),  01/26/2008

Yes, sunblock is good, but tanning is not.
I once got a video about how tanning could creat skin cancer. Kinda scary.

I prefer health over beauty.
Anyway, thanks for your great response. :)
Happy New Year

Note: Title fixed. Thanks again

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