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How to make your garden more peaceful place

Gardens are people best friends. They bring nature into their homes, are shelter and a source of relax. But achieving peace in big towns might be quite difficult if our gardens...
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Gardens are people best friends. They bring nature into their homes, are shelter and a source of relax. But achieving peace in big towns might be quite difficult if our gardens are not well-prepared for big city traps. So what can you do?

Living in city has many advantages. But that's not an ideal place to have contact with nature and a piece of private, intimate place for sharing that beauty with the one we love. Country gives us that ability but on the other hand it usually doesn't give us work and intellectual development. So that's why we choose towns rather than countrysides and the price is to leave the nature behind. Our only chances to have some of the country attractions in town are gardens, designed to make us free in unfree world.

To give us such freedom garden must be well-designed and have a good protection from the things that are outside our possession and surrounding our home. Those dangerous things might be thieves, unwanted animals, and any curious watchers that are ''just'' willing to watch our home. So the garden need an isolation which can be gain by growing a appropriate live fence and some high trees. Not talking about some regular metal fences or wooden one but the natural live fence from bushes. Why a live fence not artificial fence?

Growing such fences has almost only advantages. First, they look much better than the regular fences. They are not only a source of security for our homes and gardens but also an element of garden design. Kept in good condition they bring an elegant look when spotted from outside or inside, and make us more happy (green color comforts us). Second, thick bushes give much better protection especially when the one with thorns. But the way of protection in this case is also on different level: the wall of bushes stops dust, too hot air or too strong wind, also lowers noises – all very popular in towns.

To have more privacy and elegant look (in a possession) it is worth to furnish garden. While arranging garden we usually forget about garden furniture that might give our place more classy look and also make it comfortable, give it more functionality. We reduce arrangement of garden only to plants and maybe one bench or a table for eating breakfast at the mornings, and grill sausages at the evenings. We make mistakes as leaving our cars in the corner of the garden, which makes it look just terrible, as the grill standing next to it. And all those problems might be solved by furnishing garden with garden buildings.

There is a wide range of garden buildings on the market just waiting to be part of your garden. For example canopies that will help you hide your grill and car under the roof and out of sight of the tea time guests; and serve as hot tub covers if we have one. Summerhouses helps enjoy the beauty of our garden in peace and with as much privacy as we want. Also gazebos may ensure some nice resting close to nature. All of them change garden into our own special and private place.

Good fence and nice garden building may be a key to success in bringing countryside into town.

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