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Are You Satisfied With Your Business Just As It Is?

Did you know that satisfaction is the number one emotion people want to experience about their life and business?
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Did you know that satisfaction is the number one emotion
people want to experience about their life and business?
Yes, fame and fortune are up there, but satisfaction is
the key. Satisfaction is about contentment, gratitude and
pure joy. Are you satisfied with your business and your
life? If not, read on and see how you can transform your
life in the simplest method possible.

To be satisfied is to enjoy each step along the way, to
be able to integrate the practical with the fanciful, to
continually refine your dream or vision.

You need a vision for your business. You had it at least
once in your life, especially if you chose to go into
business for yourself. You may be making the money
that you want, have fame in your community, but still
are unhappy and wonder - "Is that all there is?"

If you are in any way unhappy or dissatisfied with your
life or your business, you need to re-ignite your original
vision or create a new one. But wait, you say, you already
have a business plan. Isn't that sufficient for your
business success?

Why Isn't a Business Plan Enough?

A business plan is for banks and credit institutions, but
outcomes are based more on desire than on business
plans. Vision with a Capital V is bigger than a business
plan. The difference is, if your vision is not articulated,
you cannot include it in your business plan.

Who Besides Me Benefits from My Business Vision?

Customers know when you have a clear, passionate
business vision. The benefits clients, customers and
vendors receive are a result of your clarity about the
dream of your business. The more you can relate your
vision to your family and community, the more you can
excite everyone. More excitement attracts the customer
of your dreams.

Lance Armstrong wanted to win the Tour de France. Once
he achieved this goal, his vision was to win more Tour de
France's than anyone. He did just that; he created a World
Record of six wins. What he also did benefited the country
of France, even though he is an American. France's
tourist dollars increased. American television advertising
grew as more people tuned into these races. Armstrong's
battle with cancer increased donations to the American
Cancer Society. Benefits abounded for anyone connected
to bicycle riding, including manufacturers and sports
clothing providers.

Do Independent Professionals and Micro Businesses Need
a Vision Too?

Definitely! Independent professionals and micro businesses
require the clarity of a vision. Martha Stewart started
small. She was a caterer after she completed her career
as a model. A product of her times, the 1950's, Martha's
first thought was to make a home look warm and inviting.
As a great cook, Martha created elegant, well-designed
meals and events. She had her vision for success.

When Martha Stewart dreamed well into the future, she
had a vision of a conglomerate business, with far-reaching
rewards. She created Omni Media, with her own magazine,
television shows and products; all sold worldwide. From
small business visions, big business visions grow. Even in
prison, Martha continued to expand her Vision with a Capitol
V to include two new television reality shows. Martha
never stops expanding her Vision with a Capital V.

You now have the key to your business future, the joy that
can make your efforts worthwhile. You will also achieve
fame and fortune as an outcome, but satisfaction is the
key. Be satisfied with yourself. Create a Vision that helps
move you forward.

Enjoy yourself, your business and your life.

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