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Free instant auction traffic

BUT, there are certain rules you must obey in order to collect client information from your auctions pages as well as you about Me page.
Views: 1.237 Created 03/29/2008

Here's an easy way to get extra traffic to your eBay auctions...

...and we all know, the more traffic, the more bids and ultimately, the more sales you'll get!

First...answer this question:

"Do you look at other people's feedback ratings?"

You probably answered yes...

So here's my idea -

"Whenever you leave feedback, put your website URL in the feedback Comment"

If you don't have a website, no problem, see below for details.

I have only seen this done once! - me.

It's so easy and EVERYONE looks at feedback ratings before they bid.

So, the idea would be to try and leave feedback for users that get a lot of traffic...

How? - check out eBay pulse and look at some of the highest watched items and try bidding on one of them.

After, you bid and win, leave your feedback with your website URL in your feedback comment.

For example,

**AuctionResourceNetwork.com** - Excellent communication and great eBayer, Highly recommended

You can see how the domain will *jump-out* at the reader.

Also, when you leave feedback for your auction sales, do the same.

Now.., if you don't have a website, here's a quick trick on how to direct that traffic to your about me page.

Simply create a free account at NameCheap.com and purchase a domain name, i.e. www.your-domain.com

NameCheap.com only charges $8.88 per year for your domain name!

...then, in your NameCheap.com account, you can set your new domain to redirect to your eBay about me page...here's how:

Login to your NameCheap.com account
Click the 'view' link beside 'Number of domains in your account'
Click your new domain name
Click URL Forwarding under the Host Management section on the left
Enter your about me page URL in both textboxes and click Save Changes
Viola...you now own a domain that redirects to your about me page!
And make sure you place your new domain name in all your feedback comments.

Ok...now that you know how to get some extra free traffic by using eBay's feedback comments, answer this question:

"Do you want to know how to turn that extra FREE traffic into cash?"

Yes/No? - Well, I'm going to tell you anyways... ;-) There are a few things you can do...here are 2:

Place your auction links on your AboutMe page so that your new visitors can get to your auctions. Place a newsletter signup form in your AboutMe page as well as in your auction pages and collect leads. Then market to those leads over and over again. I think the second idea is the most powerful...although it takes a little work on your part.

The quick`n`dirty way is to use AWeber.com to manage your leads and use their capture web form generator to capture your lead's name and email address.

BUT, there are certain rules you must obey in order to collect client information from your auctions pages as well as you about Me page.

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