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Buying a Refurbished Dell Laptop -

Dell offers a full line of refurbished laptops on their website, dell.com. Look for “Outlet Refurbished Laptops.” There you will
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Dell offers a full line of refurbished laptops on their website, dell.com. Look for “Outlet Refurbished Laptops.” There you will find a full range of popular models that run just as reliably as a new machine – for hundreds of dollars less than you would pay for new versions. This is because Dell refurbished laptops are inspected for “good-as-new” quality. The only differences are the red label on the bottom of the unit and a lower price.

Dell’s most popular refurbished laptops are Latitude and Inspiron. The Latitude series of “notebook” computers is no longer manufactured, but is still a great buy for someone looking for an up-to-date machine. Latitude is an apt name for these models: they afford you great leeway in updating, expanding, or otherwise changing the internal workings of the computer. With its black chassis and clean lines, it is a rather “normal” looking computer. It is a middleweight unit, but sized to fit any standard laptop case, along with AC/DC adaptor, mouse, floppy and zip disks, and other accessories. The Dell Latitude C600, CPX, and L400 are the three most popular models in the line.

The Inspiron series of notebook computers is still manufactured today, with some modifications. Slightly older versions are still a great way to meet all your computer needs. Inspirons are not quite as expandable as Latitudes, but, with their jazzy black-and-silver chassis, have a distinctive look. Inspiron laptops are also a bit more affordable than Latitudes. Furthermore, Inspiron ranks among the highest performing laptops available, with famously long battery life The Dell Inspiron 1100 and 1150 are the two most common models in the line of refurbished laptops at Dell.

If you are looking to get the lowest price on a Dell laptop, look for one that uses a Celeron processor instead of an Intel. Celeron is less expensive, and also uses less battery juice, than Intel.

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