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There will be a million and one affiliates out there who will tell you that the affiliate program they promote is going to be the best one for you.
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There will be a million and one affiliates out there who will tell you that the affiliate program they promote is going to be the best one for you.

But have you considered who is really making the money and who gains the most out of affiliate programs.

Let's take a step back and look at the AFFILIATE.

What exactly is the role of the affiliate?

* The sole purpose of the affiliate is to PROMOTE the product and/or service

What are the benefits of being an affiliate?

* Get paid a minimal commission that is regulated by the owner of the product/service

In short, As an affiliate it is your responsibility to make someone else rich whilst doing all the hard work. You take on the expenses of advertising, you are the one who usually misses out on subscribers if you haven't first made them your client before they buy the product/service you are promoting.

And all this for what??? Maybe $20 per sale if you are really, really lucky.

You also need to remember that when you are an affiliate, YOU are not the only person promoting that very same product/service.

So what will make your offer any different to someone else who is promoting the exact same product, usually using the same sales technique, offering it at the same price.

To be in the top 5%, which is the amount of affiliates who make more than $100.00 per month, you need to first have a really good, clean, targeted subscribers list of more than 50,000 subscribers, know exactly how to gain targeted traffic, and have a huge advertising budget.

For the other 95%, the only way you are going to make allot of money from and affiliate program is to OWN YOUR OWN.

It really isn't as hard as you might think to set up.
Ask Mr. D - Affiliate Programs:

I see a lot of references to Affiliate Programs as
a way to boost revenues. However, I have never
seen an explanation of what an affiliate program
is and how it works. I am a producer of educational
media and use my site to market my products. As I
am not getting much traffic to my site, I am wondering
if an affiliate program would help me.

I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have.


Heron Gardner


Dear Heron,

What an affiliate program does is reward individuals
(your affiliates) for sending traffic to your site by
placing a link to you on their web-site or in their

You then reward them by paying the affiliate a
commission on actions resulting from their link
to your site. This commission may be a percentage
of the sale amount or a set dollar figure.

This is an excellent way to increase your traffic
and revenues. Imagine having hundreds, or thousands,
of web-sites and newsletters linking to your site.
What could that do for your business?

If you would like to check out some affiliate
programs or software, just go to any search
engine and conduct a search for "affiliate
program" - There are a ton of them out there.

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