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Navtej Kohli Points Affiliate marketing rules

Navtej Kohli is a businessman, engineer and a career mentor. Besides managing Granox Ltd., an Oil exploration company, he works for Navtej Kohli Career Development Center.
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Affiliate marketing is certainly the next big thing in the online domain. Especially, if you are operating an internet marketing business, affiliate marketing is your confirmed ticket to success.

I really do believe that affiliate marketing is a wonderful thing. To start off as an affiliate is the first step that would help you hop on success ladder. There are countless opportunities that come your way via affiliate marketing. But for that you need a proper direction.

Who is an affiliate?

In common parlance, an affiliate is a person who is paid for referring a sale of other company’s products or services. Affiliate programs tag on the concept of revenue sharing. The companies selling their products share a part of their profits with affiliates as commission for each sale created by them.

In other words, an affiliate is an online sales-person working on commission bases with the main vendor. He bridges the gap between customers and company while taking a cut of company’s overall profit.

How affiliate programs help?

Operating a business online is certainly not a child’s play. Given a plethora of big companies rigorously touting their products in the online arena, organic online marketing is indeed taxing. As a result, small or new internet marketers who neither have the resources nor experience to undertake such large-scale promotion campaigns suffer.

Under such circumstances, affiliate marketing surface as a boon for beginners. It is a fail-safe shortcut to make quick money with hardly any hassles attached. The best part about being an affiliate is that you don’t necessarily have to close the sale. This is something that remains under company’s control. So, it’s no pain, all gain!

However, affiliate marketing does come with a couple of drawbacks. One of the major problems with doing affiliate marketing is that companies incur huge sums for advertising to divert prospects to their website. But this doesn’t ensure that the visitor will buy the products too. To the downside, it may boost up your ad expenses without actually serving any projected purpose.

But regardless of all odds, affiliate marketing is unanimously accepted as a great tool for building business and strengthening your list. More to the point, it also generates free public exposure to your website. This multifunctional approach helps you get the better off your competitors, while gaining competitive acumen and a chance to carefully examine the modus operandi of your competitors.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing enjoys an edge over other marketing strategies for it let you earn more, gain more and eventually expand your possibilities to equal the standards of those big wheels in internet marketing.

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  robinhoodjj,  04/23/2008

This is a very nice insight into what Affiliate marketing is. The most important part of affiliate marketing is to build good relations with affiliate partners.

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