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The Fathers Day Gift Dilemma

It s impossible to answer, of course. For every football-loving, beer appreciating, socialising father, there s one who s more at home in the potting shed or clambering up icy rock faces. For every techy electronic gadget aficionado, there s a collector of hammers.
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What do fathers like?

It's impossible to answer, of course. For every football-loving, beer appreciating, socialising dad, there's one who's more at home in the potting shed or clambering up icy rock faces.

For every techy electronic gadget aficionado, there's a collector of hammers. And yet for all of them, the perfect Father's Day gift is out there – if you know where to look. Mother's Day is pretty straightforward. Flowers, chocolates and blush-inducing Jane Austen DVDs usually do the trick.

Perhaps it's because this celebration of motherhood stretches back a few centuries that we have developed system of rewarding our overworked mums and pampering them for one day a year. But Father's Day is a different beast. At the risk of making stereotypical statements, the prospect of being pampered for a day just doesn't cut it with dads. (Or at least they would never admit to it.) Dads want something that will assert their masculinity; and if it proves “quite handy” in the future, so much the better. They want something they can admire, that will make them laugh, that will make them feel like number one. Well there's your invaluable insight into the paternal mindset.

Now you'll want to convert this knowledge into your choice of the ultimate Father's Day Gift. Finding your Father's Day Gift Before you set off for your local supplier of quality knitwear, have a good think about the man you call father. Consider his passions, his hobbies and, above all, his idiocies, and hold them in a “mental image” while you pay a visit to GettingPersonal.co.uk. If you're unfamiliar with this website, the breadth and depth of its treasures might come as a surprise. And as it's subdivided into categories, all your Father's Day gift options can be viewed on one page (click Occasions then Father's Day Gifts).

Now, clench your fists, close your eyes and summon forth the “mental image” you've probably forgotten already. Bingo! You can scroll down the extensive list of treats and before long you'll be narrowing down your options. Sporty dads are well catered for. Don't forget, as the offspring of the aforementioned, it is your moral duty to indulge his sporting fantasies at every opportunity. It's well known that sport is a substitute for our cave-dwelling ancestors' activities, as is proven by the ancient cave paintings of men swearing at other men throwing spears. If he's into golf, football, rugby, horses or motor sports, you're sorted.

There are fantastic experience days and dozens of themed gifts to make a truly special Father's Day. Then you've got the jocular gifts that will raise a smile and knowingly point out one of his quirks or traits, like the coin sorter, custom made for the skinflint father. The hilarious crime scene toilet roll will leave him flushed with mirth, and the golf puzzle will keep quiet any father who never knows when to stop talking. But as with all Getting Personal gifts, it's not just about poking fun and satisfying his dreams.

There are the simple, personalised everyday gifts with a quiet message that shouts from the rooftops just how much he means to you – and maybe that's all he wants for his Fathers Day Gifts

Article description Fathers are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for on birthdays, Christmas and Father's Day. But it needn't be so. GettingPersonal has a superb range of items to bring a smile and possibly even a tear to his cheeks.

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