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Get complete idea about stress in children

Stress leads children towards depression and failure if not cured at earlier stage. There are number of causes of stress in children like persistent health problems and siblings rivalry. For removing stress in children parents are required to understand their children and give them the amount of……...
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Children are very sensitive to activities taking place around them and all these things affect them rapidly as compared to an adult. Different children have different phenomenon and different symptoms of reaction to stress. Youngsters commonly are not aware about these stress triggers. Symptoms in children include solitary behavior, frequent tantrums and violent or destructive activities. It is important for adults to keep a close eye on children for if left unaware, stress can cause them to even harm themselves.   
Causes of stress in children:-
·         Divorce and separation or continuous quarrelling situations between parents is the greatest cause of stress in children.
·         Nagging health problems in children is the major cause of stress in children. If any health problem is persistent from a long term and it is not cured at right time then it may lead to stress in children.  
·         Being ignored by parents and friends also arouses stress in children. 
·         High parental expectations create stress in children when they are unable to meet those expectations.
·         Sometimes physical and emotional stress in children is genetic.  How parents react and behave in a particular stressful situation is also a key to how the child with respond. 
·         Sibling rivalry like giving more importance to one of the same age group children is also a likely cause. 
How to remove stress in children:-

Parents are required to take immediate step to remove stress in children. It is not only harmful for their physical as well as psychological development but it may also lead to mental health  


·         The perfect mode to relieve stress in children is to sit with them and let him/her tell you all they feel. Cuddle them and do not force them to do anything, instead support them and instigate them to take part in different activities. 
·         Parents should give time to their children. It’s this quality time when they can understand if something is bothering them. Ask them about school, studies, their friends to know if anything is creating stress in their lives.
·         Parents should maintain healthy diet schedule for their children. Healthy body helps children in keeping illness far away from them.
·         Encourage children to involve in vigorous exercises. 
·         Teach your children the facts of life and how some experiences in life are unavoidable. In cases like divorce, death, talk to your children and provide them the emotional support they need in their life. This will help the child cope with stress in a better manner.
Thus stress in children is generally caused by their living circumstances and parental relationship. The easiest and surest way to remove stress in children is to take complete care of them and give them the well needing support in their formative years. 

Jim is a normal person who has realized his passion by writing about being healthy. He has struggled with weight and other associated health problems. He is fit now, and wants to send the message accords to everyone. For more information and advice on stress in children, mental health, Please visit us at http://www.whatyouneedtoknow.co.in

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