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Tips To Find The Perfect Tonneau

Picking the right tonneau cover can be a bewildering experience to the average consumer, but more options can lead to finding the tonneau most suited for the job.
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Tonneau Covers come in amazing varieties nowadays and this gives the consumer a major advantage when deciding on which features to trade off on. The first issue a truck owner should decide upon is whether he needs a truck bed cover at all, and exactly what pros and cons are associated with the product. Benefits include:

1. The ability to cover loose items – there is always a danger of losing items which are flung from the truck bed. Loose items could also be a major traffic hazard to other drivers.

2. Protection from the elements – A cover provides excellent coverage from direct sunlight and winter conditions.

3. Gas saving – A Tonneau has the potential to make a truck more aerodynamic, reducing drag and thus increasing miles per gallon.

4. Safety – Truck bed covers can cover valuables and be a significant deterrent to theft.

5. Style – A matching tonneau cover can add style to a vehicle, giving it a ‘finished’ look. This can be further enhanced by custom logo.

The major con would be price. A Tonneau Cover is often in the range of several hundred dollars and may be considered a major expense by the casual trucker.

Assuming that a truck owner has decided upon investing in a tonneau, there is still the question of which type to choose. The major types include:

1.  Hard Tonneau Covers – These are made of extremely durable fiberglass and provide the maximum possible security.

2. Soft Tonneau Covers – Unlike hard tonneaus, soft covers are usually made of vinyl and are made with easy of use and installation in mind.

3. Retractable Covers – Retractable covers run on rails down the length of the bed and can be latched to any open position.

4. Toolbox Tonneau Covers – Toolbox tonneaus are two functional items in one: a toolbox and a tonneau. These are often used by construction contractors for their practicality.

There is also an ever widening range of tonneau covers with unique forms and folding styles. For example, a hinged tonneau opens and closes like a door for easy access to the truck bed. “Butterfly” tonneaus have their hinges down the center of the bed and are thus able to be opened on either side while others are able to be folded backwards and forwards.

Once the tonneau is officially installed, there are a number of accessories to ensure its smooth usage. For example, a tailgate lock can be an essential component to aid in the prevention of theft. Tailgate seals are useful in keeping the truck bed free from leaks. The high tech minded can even get an electronic tailgate lock and sync their tonneau and power door locks.

Those interested in learning more about tonneaus can check out Pace Edwards and their Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit Tonneau

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