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Using 4 Steps to Win a Girl Back

You are still reeling from your breakup and you are trying to find out how to win a girl back. Well, it might take more than four steps...
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Things are different now after she left, suddenly you feel so lonely and your heart is aching. You are still reeling from your breakup and you are trying to find out how to win a girl back. Well, it might take more than four steps but at least you get an idea of where to start. For one, you should not start drinking to oblivion as this will not solve your problem. If you do, you will only confound your problem because then you will have to deal with more problems.


By being realistic and by knowing how to win a girl back, you will be able to live a life worth living together with your beloved. Here are the four steps.


(1) Assess yourself and the relationship


Be honest and try to think over what went wrong.  Try to go back to your relationship and look deeper and ask yourself if you really love the girl unconditionally? How would you characterize your relationship? Probably you had good times together. You enjoyed eating out and attending concerts, plays, and movies. You might have been giving her what she needed based on your point of view and based on what your friends told you.

Ask yourself again what went wrong in the relationship. As they say, it takes two to tango. If ever there were mistakes in the relationship, it may not the sole responsibility of your girlfriend. You also played a part in it. Hence, you need to take responsibility and initiate action. You think you cannot go on living without her, you should go ahead and decide if you should pursue her back.


(2) Make amends and Admit Mistake


Say "I'm Sorry" to her if you had said something that hurt her.  If you realize that you have made mistakes in your relationships, then you have to admit these mistakes and apologize. More than just an apology, you also need to make amends with your girl. She might be asking for a breakup yet you need to keep your wits with you and apologize for any mistake you might have done. This way, there would be closure and both of you can forgive each other and start anew.


(3) Give her time to recover


Even if she is the one who initiated the breakup, it would also be a painful experience for her. So, you need to make some room for her to recover from the breakup. If she dates another man, do not go ballistic right away and feel that she has left you. She might be trying to forget the pain by opening her doors to knowing someone else again.


(4) Pursue her once more


Are you someone that she can trust and respect? Women won't reject someone who has confidence and can offer her the security and love. If you are showing her you are feeling down and in a pathetic state, this is a guarantee she won't come back to you.  Take interest in the things you do, have confidence in yourself and this would surely give her the idea that you are an attractive person to be with.  If she pushes you away at first, don’t give up and admit defeat. Be prepared if she gives you a negative response, accept her decision and leave the option open.  Be that genuine and optimistic person, the guy she fell in love with when she first met you.


These are just some ideas on how to win a girl back, you can expect her change of heart and that should give you a certain chance of success.

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