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I really like her and care about her, but she wants to be friends.

We have all experienced this before, however we all have our own twists to the story, so here s mine.
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Alright, so I really care about this girl and would love for us to start a relationship together.  I've liked her (we'll use the name Jane for her) for about a year and she liked me then as well however there was a roadblock.  At that time, and this was the summer of '07, her best friend liked me at the same time that she liked me.  The bestfriend (whom we'll call Sarah) voiced her feelings and therefore she hid hers.  Once the bestfriend told me how she felt, I had to tell her that I was sorry but I didn't know her very well at the time and could not honestly say the same.


Now as of 6 months ago, I have become extremely good friends with Sarah and there is no sexual tension there whatsoever, as she is very interested in another guy and I have made it known that I am very interested in Jane.  Because of the previously described event in the last paragraph, Jane tried to push away her feelings for me for Sarah's sake, but now that I have voiced how I feel about her, she is very unsure of what to do.  The probelm is that we've become extremely close friends and everytime we talk about a potential "us" she cries because she wants to be with me but is scared that an intimate relationship might result in her losing me.


Whenever we have a serious talk, we hold eachother tightly and enjoy what you could call cuddling.  Words aren't even necessary sometimes because we enjoy eachother's company.  However I think I have come on too strong by telling her, in pretty high detail, how I feel about her.  I covered everything that I love about her from her cute, self conscious pigeon-toed stance all the way to her amazing, caring and selfless personality.  After this, she cried hysterically and said that she needed some time and space to think things through because she is having so many mixed emotions and doesn't want to mess anything up.


So my question is... what do you think she's feeling and/or thinking and how should I handle the situation?




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