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3 Ways to Win Back Your Ex

Keep your pride out of the way and be honest. It may not guarantee you win back your ex but it is better than not trying anything at all.
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You already know that being dumped is a hard thing to take. You immediately begin to state your case in the hopes to win back your ex. It only leads to being heartbroken, sad and even depressed. There is a way to keep this from happening from bad to worse. There is a way to win back your ex as long you take the time to change a few things.


Keep your pride out of the way and be honest. It may not guarantee you win back your ex but it is better than not trying anything at all.


(1) Be Honest


Did you have a problem with lying when you were with your ex? Even little white lies tend to turn to bigger ones before you know it. Lying to your loved one is a culprit and can lead to distrust and later break ups.


You should be honest with yourself. If you did not have a problem with lying to your ex, then you need to learn what caused them to leave especially if you really do not know why. If you can, before you even attempt to win back your ex, find out what made them run from you.


Your ex felt alone because you did not spend as much time with him or her as they would have liked? Do you have a jealousy problem? If so, any relationship that has some sort of jealous can take a major hit. For this reason, fix this issue. Learn how to control jealousy.


It is important to fix any problems you have in the honesty department.


(2) Be Intelligent Sounding


Many people think being “dumb” sounding is cool but in actuality it only makes you stupid. Those seeking to have a relationship look for someone who is on the same intellectual level as themselves.


Think of it this way. You are with someone who wears baggy pants who think it is cool and has rims on his vehicle more expensive than the car itself.  This person, however, does not have the same social skills as you do. Now you run into someone else who has that same level of knowledge as you, but dresses in slacks and a button down shirt. Odds are that “cool” guy won’t be so “cool” anymore.


It may be wise to change the way you act, look and think.


(3) Be Desirable


Do you have problem with cleanliness? It is probably best to get cleaned up. What you want to do to win back your ex is to try making yourself desirable and have confidence back in yourself.  You should worry about others needs and not just your outward appearance and physically. Remember have patience is a virtue. Your ex does want to be loved back.


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