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First Steps to Win Back Your Ex: Why the “No Contact” Rule Is Important

Before you can attempt to win him or her back, the first thing you need to do is break off any kind of contact with them.
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If you have ever experienced a breakup, you already know how difficult it can be to make another move and know where to go. Each day you are without your ex can be a heavy burden. Sometimes it can be difficult to get up and face the day. Of course, knowing there is a chance to win back your ex makes getting up in the morning worth it. This means you can put your life back into one piece too.


Before you can attempt to win him or her back, the first thing you need to do is break off any kind of contact with them. This may seem ridiculous but the benefits outweigh the negatives. Some of these benefits include: 


(1)  It gives both you time and space to breath single air. You get to organize your life and let the emotions cool down.


(2)  It gives you the time to devise a tactic that can help win him or her back.


(3)  Acts like damage control so neither one of you say or do something you end up regretting thus negating the chance to be back together.


(4)  It allows the person to see how life is like without you around. Chances are they will miss you and want you back.


What does it mean to have no contact? You don’t phone one another. You don’t e-mail or text message to each other and, if at all possible, you try not to see one another. This can be difficult if you both work at the same job, however. You want them to live their life without you being in it.


What do you do during this one month time away? Try getting yourself back on the ground. Don’t let the depression overtake you. While you may be depressed about what has happened, spend time with friends and family so it doesn’t get out of control. Your friends and family can make you feel much better. Keep busy with things you used to love to do. All of this helps to heal the broken heart faster.


Try not to let the no contact rule go less than a month and not much longer than a month. A month is plenty of time to heal those emotional scars and devise some sort of plan that allows you to win back your ex. Of course during this month you may find yourself happier without him or her around but if not, you need a plan that will get them to give you a second chance.


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